25th to 29th June 2010

Shaolin Chi Kung

Lifting the Sky

The Intensive Chi Kung Course enables students to learn chi kung skills ranging from beginners to masters levels! They learn how to enter into a chi kung state of mind and generate an energy flow to overcome pain and illness, develop mental clarity and internal force for peak performance and longevity as well as expanding into the Cosmos to experience spiritual joys irrespective of religion.

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Essence of Chi Kung

Shaolin Chi Kung

  1. Entering into Chi Kung State of Mind
  2. Generating Energy Flow
  3. Difference between Techniques and Skills

Cosmic Shower and Internal Force

Shaolin Chi Kung

  1. Making Women Young and Beautiful
  2. Enjoying Cosmic Shower
  3. Developing Internal Force

Merging with the Cosmos

Shaolin Chi Kung

  1. Stronger Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually
  2. Expanding into the Cosmos
  3. A Life-Changing Experience: the Physical Body is an Illusion

Incrediable Spiritual Experience

We wish to thank Dr Damian Kissey and the Kissey Family, the honorary organizers, for taking meticulous care to make sure every course participant is happy and comfortable.

We also wish to thank Mr Godfery Kissey of Ogingo Videography, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia for kindly provideing us with the videos. Godfery is also a member of our Shaolin Wahnam Family. His telephone number is 60-88-731788.


Videos of Sabah Intensive Chi Kung Course 2010

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