Warrior Project

Sifu Kai Uve explaining a pin-down

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  1. Ground Felling Techniques and Counters against Pin-Downs
  2. Having Fun with Throws, Pin-Downs and Counters
  3. Breaking Fall Can be a Lot of Fun
  4. From Riding Dragon to Pushing Cart
  5. Counters against Punches from Mounted Opponent
  6. Wiping Face and Turning Shuttle
  7. Wrestling Techniques in Shaolin Kungfu
  8. Felling Opponents While Still on Ground
  9. All Fundamental Throws Can be Found in Shaolin Kungfu
  10. Some Interesting Ways to Fell Opponents

  11. Throwing Opponent When He Tries to Throw You
  12. Covering Opponents Before Throwing Them
  13. Tame Tiger While Listening to Wind
  14. Applying Throws in Combat -- Irrespective of Age, Size and Gender
  15. White Ape and Farmer in Forward Throws
  16. Marvelous Techniques Beget Marvelous Techniques
  17. Different Types of Throws and their Counters
  18. Throwing the Thrower -- Even When Your Hands are Locked
  19. Size is Immaterial -- Even in Throws
  20. It is Often Kicks that Decide Combat

  21. Brushing off Boxers' Attacks and Counter-Striking Them
  22. Double Bows and Surprised Kicks against Boxers
  23. Using Tactical Speed to Defeat Fast Boxers
  24. How are these Odd Patterns Used in Combat
  25. Lohan Walks in the Garden of Timelessness
  26. Counters against Wrestling Pin-Downs

Warrior Project

George felling an opponent to the ground


Warrior Project on the Blue Mountain

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