Warrior Project on the Blue Mountain Part 13
15th to 18th March 2009


Warrior Project

Barry and Sifu Mark enjoying themselves in sparring practice with throws

How would you release yourself and then fell your opponent when he has held your hands or grabbed your neck? Grandmaster Kai Uwe reveals some finer points in these counters known as "Tame Tiger while Listening to Wind", or "Black Bear Sinks Hips" in Taijiquan. Course participants have a lot of fun applying these techniques in combat.

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Tame Tiger while Listening to Wind

Warrior Project Warrior Project Warrior Project
Releasing from Control Releasing from Control Class Practice
Warrior Project Warrior Project
Applied in Combat Applied in Combat
Warrior Project Warrior Project
Finer Points Finer Points


Warrior Project on the Blue Mountain 15th to 18th March 2009

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