Muay Thai

Jarakhe Fad Hang - Crocodile Sweeps Tail

A guest in our Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum asked about Shaolin counters against Muay Tahi attacks. The following attacks were provided.

Muay Thai Counters Muay Thai Counters Muay Thai Counters
Jarakhe Fad Hang - Crocodile Sweeps Tail Yan Erawan - Push Elephant Ramasoon Kwang Kwan - Giant Throws An Ax
Muay Thai Counters Muay Thai Counters Muay Thai Counters
Nak Mood Badan - Serpent Sneaks To Ocean Kingdom Prarama Dean Dong - King Ram Walks In Forest Narai Kham Samud - King Narai Crosses Ocean
Muay Thai Counters
Bansean Thodsokan - Cut the Giants Neck

These attacks are also found in Shaolin Kungfu. The following are the Shaolin equivalents:

  1. Crocodile Sweeps Tail --> Reverse Hanging of Golden Hook
  2. Push Elephant --> Rhinoceros Charges at Door
  3. Giant Throws An Ax --> Thai Mountain on Head
  4. Serpent Sneaks To Ocean Kingdom --> White Ape Tests Cave
  5. King Ram Walks In Forest --> Swallow Rushes up to Sky
  6. King Narai Crosses Ocean --> Swallow Exhibits Tail
  7. Cut the Giant's Neck --> Spiritual Child Climbs up Tree

There are many Shaolin counters against these Muay Thai attacks. Those provided in this website may be classified into the following three categroies:

In the videos and pictures showing Shaolin couters against Muay Thai attack, the person taking the part of a Muay Tahi fighter is Teoh Cheng Keat, who was a Muay Thai instructor before he learned from Grandmaster Wong in the 1980s. So, he knows what he is doing, though some cynical viewers, hiding behind the internet, may still say it is not Muay Thai that is shown, or that the Muay Thai shown is lousy.

Teoh Cheng Keat, who is a successful businessman driving a Mercedes now, has much experience in free sparring. He was a runner-up in an all-style free fighting competition. The champion was also from Shaolin Wahnam.

All winners and runners-up came from Shaolin Wahnam. Teoh Cheng Keat took part in the under-30 category. In the other category, the above-30 category, which was considered a veteran category, the champion and runner-up were also from Shaolin Wahnam. It is interesting that in most sparring competitions, those above 30 are considered veterans!, whereas in kungfu those under 30 are regarded as small kids!

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