Breaking Bricks

Sifu Eugene Siterman of Shaolin Wahnam USA breaking the botton of two bricks without breaking the top one

After a successful and enjoyable Warrior Project with Grandmaster Kai Uwe, course members chit chatted amongst themselves just before lunch. They found some red bricks nearby. They did some brick-breaking for fun.

Jeroen, Pablo and Sifu Mark Blohm each broke a brick. It is interesting to note that they never had any hard conditioning like hitting sandbags and striking poles before, and it was also the first time they ever tried breaking a brick. How did they do it. With internal force, of course.

Sifu Eugene Siterman broke two bricks all at once. He then increased the fun by laying two bricks one on top of the other and broke the bottom one without breaking the one on top. Steve also broke the bottom brick without breaking the top one.

Some others wanted to try breaking a brick too, but there were no more bricks available.

Brick-Breaking Brick-Breaking Brick-Breaking
Jeroen breaking a brick Pablo breaking a brick Sifu Mark breaking a brick
Brick-Breaking Brick-Breaking Brick-Breaking
Sifu Eugene breaking two bricks Sifu Eugene breaking the bottom brick Steve breaking the bottom brick

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Brick-Breaking Fun -- 18th March 2009 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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