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An excellent counter aginst the shoot when an attacker has grabbed your legs is "Heaven Dragon Descends on Earth"

Some time ago there were some lively discussions on our discussion forum on whether we could defend against the shoot. Some critics went to the extent of saying that even if we could strike the attackers' head or eyes, they were so good that they would still bring us down with their shoot. One critic suggested that kungfu techniques were ineffective against the shoot.

As illustrated in the previous video series, without safety rules, applying the shoot is suicidal. The attacker exposes his head dangerously for us to strike. If we fail to strike him, it is not because the counter is ineffectual, but because we lack the skill to make it work.

But even if we fail to strike and the attacker has grabbed our waist or legs, we also have many techniques to counter the attack. Some of these counters may result in breaking the attacker's neck or back, or causing serious injury to his head. Even if we fail this, and is being pushed onto the ground, we still have counters against the shoot.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Fierce Tiger Crouches on Ground

If you are slow and your opponent has managed to grab your waist, an effective counter is to lower your body and simultaneously strike your elbow at his neck or back. This pattern is called “Fierce Tiger Crouches on Ground”. Be very careful as you do so on a sparring partner. When he holds your waist in this way, the sharp lowering of your body can break his neck and kill him. Your elbow strike on the back of his head may cause serious injury. On the other hand, you must guard against his hand reaching for your genitals.

Shaolin Kung Fu Big Boss or Fierce Tiger

When an opponent has grabbed your waist, you may lower your body to Horse-riding Stance in the pattern “Bar the Big Boss” with your elbow striking his head or back. Or you may go straight onto the ground with the pattern “Fierce Tiger Crouches on Ground”. In either case, guard his hand from reaching for your groins.

Shaolin Kung Fu Strike his Head or Bring him Down

As an opponent approaches you for a shoot, you should stop him with a strike on his head or shoulder. If he is fast and manages to grab you, lower your body and bring him onto the ground following his momentum. You can step your knee on his palm.

Shaolin Kung Fu Heaven Dragon Descends on Earth

If your opponent has grabbed your legs instead of your waist, turn your body slightly and lower yourself onto the ground into a Unicorn Stance. The pattern is known as “Heaven Dragon Descends on Earth”. Be careful when practicing. This movement makes good use of leverage and may break an opponent's neck or limbs.

Shaolin Kung Fu Lazy Monkey Kicks Leaves

If the opponent is very fast and avoids your strikes as well as your felling technique, and manages to push you to fall backward, follow the falling momentum, turn the opponent's body in the process and kick him away. This pattern is called “Lazy Monkey Kicks Leaves”.

Shaolin Kung Fu Kicking Throat and Striking Head

But if you wish to cause the opponent more damage, instead of kicking him away, after rolling him over, kick at his throat with the tip of your foot. This pattern is also called “Lazy Monkey Kicks Leaves”. Then rise and strike his head before he has time to move away.

Shaolin Kung Fu Reversing the Situation on your Opponent

A third way to counter with “Lazy Monkey Kicks Leaves” is just to roll him over but place your leg on him to prevent him from rising or rolling away. Then you rise and strike his vital spots. Isn't it interesting that your opponent intends to fell you onto the ground, but even though he succeeds he ends up with you striking him while he lays helplessly on the ground.

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Countering a Shoot when an Attacker has Grabbed you or Pushed you to the Ground from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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