Dragon Style

Combat Sequences from Dragon Style Set — Part 1

How are combat sequences composed? They are composed from combat situations, and then are gradually improved upon as the exponents progress to higher levels. These series of video clips taken impromptu at the Special Shaolin Kungfu Course in Toronto in 2004 show how this happened.

This video clip shows the transition from the basic combat sequences to more sophisticated combat sequences. The sequence shown here is similar to Combat Sequences 1 to 12, except that at appropriate places Emiko and Michael use patterns from their specialized set, Dragon Style, rather than from the basic sets.

For example, instead of using “Black Tiger Steals Heart” and “Single Leg Hand Sweep”, Michael uses “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl” and “Dragon Expresses Marvelous Powers” instead. The last pattern in the video clip, “Phoenix Nods Head” is a progression, and how this comes about is revealed in another video clip.

Please click the picture below or click the caption to view the video

Combat Sequences from Dragon Style Set -- Part 1 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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