Combat Sequences from Shaolin Five Animals

Shaolin Five-Animal Set

A common question people ask is whether the kungfu fighting by past masters one sees in kunfu movies was real. In other words, can one really fight using typical kungfu patterns?

The answer to both questions is “yes”. Of course, those who have not been systematically trained would not be able to do so.

A series of video clips taken impromptu from a Special Shaolin Kungfu Course in Toronto in April 2004 give some idea of this systematic combat training. This video clip shows Anthony and Anton, both kungfu instructors of Shaolin Wahnam, using typical kungfu patterns in sparring. Obviously, they could not arrive at this level straightaway. There were many preparatory levels before this.

Those who have practiced Shaolin Combat Sequence 6 would have noticed that this sequence here is a development from that earlier sequence. If you can perform Combat Sequence 6 well, which in turn would require preparatory levels leading to it, you could use it spontaneously in free sparring and then improve upon it by substituting suitable patterns from your specialized set, as Anthony does here substituting the two patterns, “Golden Dragon Plays with Water” and “Precious Duck Swims through Lotus”, with just one pattern, “Poisonous Snake Strikes Vital Point”.

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Shaolin Five-Animal Combat Sequence 1 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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