Taijiquan combat application

This is a variation of Sequence 4. Instead of responding with “Immortal Waves Sleeves”, Jeffrey uses “White Crane Flaps Wings”, which is a deadly kicking technique. He also uses the tactic “defence cum counter” to counter-attack Javier's “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl”.

Irrespective of whether his counter-attacks are strikes, kicks, felling or grips, the Taijiquan exponent must maintain his fluidity of movement, energy flow and breath control. In this way not only he can be fast and uses internal force, he can spar for a long time without feeling tired.

Needless to say, the Taijiquan skills and techniques shown here are effective against not only opponents using Taijiquan. Once you are well trained, you can use these Taijiqian skills and techniques against any opponents using any martial arts or who fight without using any special styles.

If a Judoka or a Wrestler attempts to grip you to effect a throw, for example, you may use “White Crane Flaps Wings” as shown here to kick his groin, or “Lazy to Roll up Sleeves” as in Sequence 4 to strike his face or chest.

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Taijiquan Combat Sequence 5 -- White Crane Flaps Wings from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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