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Taijiquan Combat Sequence 11 — Cloud Hands

What would you do if your opponent grips your hand, pulls you forward and simultaneously strikes you with his other hand?

If your stance is not good, you will be falling onto his on-coming attack. An effective counter is shown in this video clip, using the tactic of “retreating while moving forward”.

As Jeffrey pulls Javier forward with his right hand while his left hand strikes Javier's eyes or throat with “White Snake Shoots Venom”, Javier glides his right leg forward if necessary to neutralize the pulling momentum, and simultaneously slants his body backward to avoid the palm thrust. Immediately Javier counters with “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl”.

Jeffrey moves to a side and counter-strikes with “Jade Girl Threads Shuttle”, employing the tactic of “defence cum counter”. Javier responds with a left low punch, and Jeffrey counters with a right low punch. Javier grips Jeffrey attacking arm with his two hands (similarly to the qin-na technique shown in the previous video). Jeffrey releases the grip with “Cloud Hands” and strike with “Lazy to Roll up Sleeves”.

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Taijiquan Combat Sequence 11 -- Cloud Hands from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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