Taijiquan combat application

Many people, including many Taiji students, do not realize that genuine, traditional Taijiquan is very effective for combat, besides for health and spiritual cultivation. “Pushing Hands” and then “Striking Hands” are methodical approaches to free sparring and real fighting in Taijiquan combat training.

In Shaolin Wahnam, after having familiarized ourselves with using appropriate techniques to meet various combat situations, we employ combat sequences in our “Striking Hands” training. This video taken in 2002 during a Special Taijiquan Course in Malaysia shows Javier and Jeffrey, who are Wahnam Taijiquan instructors from Spain and Australia respectively, demonstrating the various combat sequences in Wahnam Taijiquan. In this first sequence, Jeffrey attacks with two palm thrusts and a “Punch Below Sleeves”.

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Taijiquan Combat Sequence 1 -- Immortal Waves Sleeves from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Old Version of Taijiquan Twelve Combat Sequences
Revised Version of Taijiquan Twelve Combat Sequences

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