Shaolin against Muay Thai

Plant Willow in Front of Camp

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Counters against Muay Thai Sweeping Kicks


Muay Thai sweeping kicks are powerful and fast. Blocking such kicks head-on is an inferior defence. A superior counter is to deflect the opponent's force and use his momentum to overcome him, as in the Shaolin pattern “Planting Willow in Front of Camp” or the Taijiquan pattern “Repulse Monkey”.

Importance of Stances and Footwork in Countering Kicks


Stances and footwork are very important in kungfu. Their importance is well evident in countering Taekwondo round-house kicks, Muay Thai sweeping kicks and kungfu whirlwind kicks, as shown in this impromptu video clip taken during a Warrior Project.

Shaolin Counters against Muay Thai Knee Attacks -- Beginners' Level Part 1


Muay Thai fighters frequently use knee attacks at close quarters, often with their hands around their opponent's head, pulling it down as they jerk up their knees. This video shows basic counters to such knee attacks.

Counters against Muay Thai Knee Attacks -- Beginners' Level Part 2


After intercepting the opponent's knee strikes, which are known in Shaolin Kungfu as “Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle Cock” and in Taijiquan as “Golden Cockerel Stands Solitarily”, the kungfu exponent immediately follows with “Wave-Breaking Hands” and “White Horse Presents Hoof”.

Dragon Hand against Muay Thai Fighters Part 1


Muay Thai looks simple but is actually a tricky and sophisticated fighting art. Unlike a Karate or a Taekwondo exponent whose attacks are usually “real”, a Muay Thai fighter's attacks may be “real” or “feign”, and he often surprises you with a fast kick when you are confused by his hand attacks. An effective counter is to use the “Dragon Hand” in conjunction with good footwork and swerving bodywork.

Dragon Hand against Muay Thai Fighters Part 2


Good footwork and good bodywork are important for a successful application of this Dragon Hand technique.

Appropriate Techniques and Tactics against a Muay Thai Fighter


This video shows how to apply the technique of using kicks against an advancing Muay Thai fighter or Western Boxing exponent in conjunction of using the tactics of “tempting an opponent's attacks to futility” and of “long against short”.

Using Side-Kicks against a Muay Thai Fighter


Side-kicks, as in the Shaolin pattern “Happy Bird Hops up Branch” is an effective counter against a Muay Thai fighter's or a Boxer's approach. Often it does not matter what attacks the Muay Thai fighter or Boxer may use!


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