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Is chi real? Can you develop internal force? Can you really expand into the Cosmos?

Many people today do not believe that chi and internal force are real. What is alarming is that even chi kung and Taijiquan teachers, whose arts specially involve chi and internal force, regard them as myths.

On the other hand, the term “spiritual cultivation” has become fashionable. Even the most brutal of martial artists regard their training as spiritual cultivation. But most of them as well as many dedicated meditation practitioners have no practical experience of spiritual expansion. They only read about it as theoretical knowledge.

The Intensive Chi Kung Course enables course participants to have direct experience of chi, internal force, spiritual expansion and more in just three days! It is understandable if some people find this unbelievable because such experiences normally would take many years of training to attain.

Yet, the course gives much more. Within the three days of the course, participants learn to enter into a chi kung state of mind, generate an energy flow, tap energy from the Cosmos, direct their chi to wherever they like in their body, massage their internal organs, and attain inner joy and peace, and they can do all these competently on their own after returning home. The video clips here give a glimpse of what they practice and attain at the course.

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Tapping Energy from the Cosmos

Intensive Chi Kung Course

“Lifting the Sky” is considered a wondrous exercise in Shaolin Wahnam because it can be used to achieve so many different purposes ranging from attaining good posture and freshening up for an important occasion to cleansing injuries and enjoying inner peace. It can be practiced and benefit practitioners ranging from beginners to masters. Having used “Lifting the Sky” to generate an energy flow in an earlier session, here course participants use this exercise to tap cosmic energy from the Cosmos.

Spiritual Expansion into the Cosmos

Intensive Chi Kung Course

After tapping energy from the Cosmos, course participants enjoy the results while “swaying in the breeze”. While many relax into a gentle chi flow, some have fantastic results. Some are charged with abundant energy making them very powerful, some experience a tremendous sense of joy and freedom as their spirit expand into the Cosmos, while others feel they are pure spirit without a physical body. They attain “satori”, or a glimpse of Cosmic Reality.

Letting Go or Experiencing Wu-Wei

Intensive Chi Kung Course

During question time, Juan from Mexico says that his eye-licks were blinking involuntarily while in chi flow, and asks Sifu Wong if it was good. Sifu Wong says that chi was probably cleansing out some blockage for him around his eyes. Sifu Wong explains that chi always flows to where it is needed most, so the practitioner should just let go, expressed in chi kung term as “wu-wei”, and allow chi to work for his best benefits. This is the operational principle how chi can overcome so-called incurable diseases.

Focusing at the Dan Tian

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Rozen from the United Kingdom reports that during the training session she felt like moving about but she focused her chi at her dan tian instead. Was that correct? Sifu Wong says that it was correct. As the purpose of the session was to tap cosmic energy, she correctly focused at her dan tian. If the purpose were to generate a chi flow to clear blockage, she should then let her chi flow freely. The participants have learnt two very important chi kung skills early during the course, namely “letting go” and “focusing at the dan tian”.

Marvelous Results in a Short Time

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Yeang from Malaysia reports that he is charged with tremendous amount of energy, making him very powerful, and that he can see beautiful, bright colours of energy. He is amazed at such marvelous results in a short time. He says that he understands such results would normally be attained only after a few years of training. Sifu Wong explains that hence many people do not believe in our attainment, as we can achieve in a few days what other people take years to achieve.

Remarkable Results are Common in Shaolin Wahnam

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Sifu Joan Brown, our chi kung and Taijiquan instructor of Shaolin Wahnam Ireland gives a brief account of the remarkable results of her students practicing chi kung. Many of her students suffered from so-called incurable diseases, but completely recovered as the result of regular chi kung practice. Sifu Wong comments that remarkable results have become common-place in Shaolin Wahnam that we take them for granted and consequently we are faced with the interesting situation where it may not be easy for us to quote examples.

Is the Course Expensive?

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Sure. From Malaysia it was reported that his friends thought a participant crazy for paying US$1000 for the Intensive Chi Kung Course when he could pay RM100 (about US$30) learning in a park. He says he wants to learn from the best.

Developing Internal Force in One Day!

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Would you believe that you could feel internal force after only one training session? Course participants feel discernable internal force after practicing “Pushing Mountains”. Sifu Wong comments that it is a remarkable achievement as many martial artists, including masters, have chased after internal force for years yet to no avail.

Overcoming Pain and Improving Sports and Mental Clarity

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Dr Foong, a managing director of a large consultancy, reports that chi kung practice has helped him to overcome his shoulder pain sustained from his playing tennis. Sifu Wong then explains that many practitioners have found their performance in their sports and games have improved despite their stop playing for some time due to their chi kung training. Sifu Wong next asks Dr Foong whether his mental clarity has improved too, and Dr Foong concurs.

Different Types of Chi Flow from the Same Exercise

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Course participants move in various manners during a chi flow induced by performing “Lifting the Sky”. Simon is spinning round and round joyfully. One participant attempts a head-stand while another is coughing, which is a good way to clear toxic waste in the chest. Some enjoy chi massaging their internal organs, while others let chi work on their muscular and bone problems.

Cosmic Shower for Purification

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Cleansing or purification is a very important aspect of chi kung. By cleansing away toxic waste and blockage we attain good health and vitality. By cleansing our meridians we ensure smooth and voluminous energy flow to generate internal force. By purifying our mind or spirit we attain spiritual fulfillment. Here, course participants use “Carrying the Moon” to induce a vigorous chi flow for cleansing or purification.

Experiencing Satori as a result of Spiritual Purification

Intensive Chi Kung Course

As a result of spiritual purification of the Cosmic Shower exercise, a few course participants experience satori, or a glimpse of Cosmic Reality. Sifu Joan Brown of Shaolin Wahnam Ireland describes her experience. She feels her arms are just energy, without physical form. This is a confirmation of the teaching of great masters that we are spirit, and our physical body is an illusion.

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