intercepting a Boxer's strikes

A big mistake many kungfu students make is that when they meet an opponent who fights like a boxer (and also a kickboxer), they discard their own kungfu and fight like a boxer too. This is doubly disadvantageous to them. Not only they change into a style they have not been trained in, it is also one that the opponent is used to. Applying kungfu techniques against a boxer's techniques is relatively easy. (Take not that a boxer's strong point is not his techniques, but his speed.)

In this video clip, taken during a Shaolin Wahnam Warrior Project training session, Sifu Kai Uwe Jetkandt shows an example to counter a boxer's attacks. The main pattern used is called “Tame Tiger with Double Bows” in Shaolin Kungfu, or “Jade Girl Threads Shuttle” in Wahnam Taijiquan. Note that while the boxer may become tired easily from his bouncing about, the kungfu exponent is calm and relaxed, and is able to conserve his energy.

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Intercepting a Boxer's Strikes from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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