fine points of combat

Sifu Emiko Hsuen strikes Sifu David's leg as he kicks

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  1. Lift Sun and Moon, Basic Stances and Footwork
  2. Basic Hand Forms and Mechanics of Exploding Force
  3. Fine Points of Combat in Free Sparring
  4. One-Finger Shooting Zen in Wuji Stance
  5. Black Tiger, Crouching on Ground and Swinging Fist
  6. If there's Form, Strike the Form; if there's No Form, Chase the Shadow
  7. 4 Basic Strikes and their Defence
  8. Return Head, Double Tiger Claws and Golden Leopard
  9. Learning Cross-Road at Four Gates 2005
  10. Training of Spacing and Timing
  11. Combat Sequence 1 of Four Gates
  12. Hand Sweep and Emerge from Cave
  13. Sophisticated Techniques for Combat
  14. One-Finger Shooting Zen on Horse-Riding Stance
  15. Closing or Opening an Opponent's Defence
  16. Basic Shaolin Sequence 1 -- Black Tiger Steals Heart
  17. Shaolin Counters against Karate Attacks
  18. Twisting the Head from the Back
  19. Basic Shaolin Sequences 2 and 3 -- Poisonous Snake and Precious Duck
  20. Basic Shaolin Sequence 4 -- Hang a Golden Star
  21. Learning the Combat Application Set, Black Tiger Steals Heart
  22. First Combat Application Set -- Black Tiger Steals Heart
  23. Head Lock from Behind
  24. Combat Sequence 2 of Four Gates
  25. Basic Shaolin Sequence 5 -- Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
  26. Combat Sequence 3 of Four Gates
  27. Basic Shaolin Sequence 6 -- Dark Dragon Draws Water
  28. One-Finger Shooting Zen -- the Treasure of Shaolin Wahnam
  29. Combat Sequences 1, 2 and 3 of Four Gates
  30. Finer Points of Body Movement and Grasping Elbow
  31. Combat Sequence 4 of Four Gates
  32. Subtlties of Cross-Road at Four Gates
  33. Basic Shaolin Sequence 7 -- Chop the Hua Mountain
  34. Basic Shaolin Sequence 8 -- Horizontally Sweep Thousand Armies
  35. Second Combat Application Set -- Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
  36. Practice at Toronto Shaolin Kungfu Course 2005


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