Intensive Taijiquan Course

Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Angel Perez in Pushing Hands

The essence of the Intensive Taijiquan Course consists of important lessons taught at the course. Some of the lessons were introduced recently, hence those who attended the course in the early years might not have learned them.

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  1. Stance Training of the Intensive Taijiquan Course
  2. Basic Movement of Taijiquan and Rotation of the Waist
  3. Grasping Sparrow's Tail -- the Mechanics of Taijiquan
  4. Fa-Jing or Exploding Force in Taijiquan
  5. Combat Sequences 1-3 of Wahnam Taijiquan -- Striking Attacks
  6. Taijiquan Combat Application Set 1 -- White Snake Shoots Venom
  7. Combat Sequences 4-6 of Wahnam Taijiquan -- Striking and Kicking
  8. Taijiquan Combat Application Set 2 -- Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
  9. Combat Sequences 7-9 of Wahnam Taijiquan -- Kicking Attacks
  10. Taijiquan Combat Application Set 3 -- Black Bear Sinks Hips

  11. Combat Sequences 10-12 of Wahnam Taijiquan -- Felling Attacks
  12. Taijiquan Combat Application Set 4 -- Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
  13. Stationary Pushing Hands -- Relaxed, Sensing, Flowing and Internal Force
  14. Stationary Pushing Hands -- Body Movement
  15. Mobile Frontal Push -- Safety, Drag Forward and Step Forward
  16. Mobile Pushing Hands -- from the Left Side and the Right Side
  17. Getting to Opponent's Back and its Counter
  18. Mobile Pushing Hands -- the Proactive Tactic of Continuous Attack
  19. Mobile Pushing Hands -- the Proactive Tactic of Confusing Attack
  20. Mobile Pushing Hands -- the Reactive Tactic of Instant Counter

  21. Mobile Pushing Hands -- the Reactive Tactic of Interception
  22. Planting Willows against Muay Thai Knee Jabs
  23. Against Shoots and Pin-Downs
  24. Using Combat Sequences in Free Sparring is Full of Fun



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