Pakua Set

Combat Application of the Shaolin Pakua Set

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  1. Learning the Pakua Set
  2. Practicing the Pakua Set
  3. Checking for Picture-Perfect Form
  4. Circulating and Consolidating Force in Greeting Pattern
  5. Performing the Shaolin Pakua Set with Good From and Internal Force
  6. Shaolin Greeting with Good Form, Force and Flow
  7. Difference between Force and Flow
  8. Sequence with Form, Force and Flow
  9. Linking of Sequences to Form a Set
  10. Importance of Avoiding an Opponent's Force

  11. The Importance of Guard Hand in Kungfu Combat
  12. Bow Arrow Thread Palm
  13. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
  14. Black Crow Flaps Wings
  15. Butterfly Palms
  16. Pakua Palm Techniques
  17. Bail Moon from Sea Bottom
  18. Two Steps Pull Boat
  19. Reverse Hand Steals Peaches
  20. Poisonous Snake Emerges from Hole

  21. Yellow Bird Plays with Water
  22. Lion Plays with Ball
  23. Thread Hand of Shaolin Pakua Set
  24. Precious Duck Swims through Lotus
  25. Kick at Ribs if Not at Groin
  26. Pull Boat and Pakua Palm Technique
  27. Thread Palm and Green Dragon
  28. Black Crow and Butterfly Palms
  29. Subtlety in Foot Position in Kungfu Combat
  30. Palm must be Far Forward if Attacking from Behind

  31. Pull Boat and Reverse Hand
  32. Thread Palm and Play with Water
  33. Play Ball and Golden Dragon
  34. Play Ball and Emerge from Hole
  35. Chop Insignia and Tiger-Tail Palm
  36. Single Whip and Enter Rock
  37. Through Valley and Chop Insignia
  38. Avoiding Unnecessary Movements in Kungfu Combat
  39. When Leg Comes, Neutralize with Leg
  40. Spacing is Importance in Executing Kicks

  41. Catch Crab and Sounding of Bells
  42. Double Stars and On Ground against the Shoot
  43. Lead Horse and Present Hoof
  44. Swimming Dragon and Double Dragons
  45. Sweep Floor and Double Bows
  46. Various Applications of Fierce Tiger Crouching on Ground
  47. Practicing Various Sequences for Combat
  48. Applying a Combat Sequence on an Opponent
  49. Dragon-Fingers against Boxer's Jabs in Free Sparring
  50. Using Pakua Techniques against Other Arts in Free Sparring

  51. Pressing an Opponent with a Combat Sequence in Free Sparring
  52. Pressing an Opponent to a Wall in Free Sparring
  53. Learning the Secret to Counter a Pin-Down
  54. Angry Bull Charges at Fence
  55. Counter against Muay Thai Knee Strikes
  56. Practicing a Counter against Muay Thai Knee Strikes
  57. Scholar Presents Greeting against Neck Grip and Knee Strikes
  58. Covering and Attacking a Boxer
  59. Learning How to Apply a Combat Sequence on an Opponent
  60. Monkey Steals Peach and Reverse Hand Steals Peach

  61. Covering and Attacking an Opponent in Free Sparring
  62. Just Covering an Opponent Without Attacking Him
  63. Importance of Pressing in Double Tiger Claws
  64. Individual Practice to Cover an Attacking Opponent
  65. Class Practice to Cover an Attacking Opponent
  66. How would You Cover if your Opponent is Powerful?
  67. Retreat to Avoid an Opponent's Kick
  68. Class Practice to Avoid an Opponent's Kick
  69. Breaking an Opponent's Anchorage to Neutralize a Felling Attack
  70. Class Practice to Neutralize Felling Attacks

  71. Circulating Hands to Release Gripping Attacks
  72. Class Practice to Release Gripping Attacks
  73. Pakua Techniques against Other Martial Arts
  74. Class Performance of Shaolin Pakua Set 2018
  75. Shaolin Pakua Set 2018 -- Video


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