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Frederick used "Light-Footed Monkey" to fell Max

The Monkey Set that I taught in Lapland on 23rd January 2018 was composed from the essence of a Monkey Set my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, taught me, and from the Spiritual Monkey Eighteen Felling Technique Set I learned from a kungfu master called Four-Eye Cheong.

My sifu did not teach me the full Monkey Set, he only taught me the essence. When I asked him what the full name of the set was, he said it was just called the Monkey Set. He added that the set was from the Great Sage Equal to Heaven (called the Monkey God in English), which he learned in dreams. (Those who do not believe in the supernatural are, of course, free to regard this as rubbish.)

He also explained that there were different forms of Monkey, like Monkey with internal force, Monkey that was small in size, Monkey that was big like an ape, Monkey that appeared to be drunken, and Monkey that used a lot of tricks.

I classify these various types of Monkey into the Five Elemental Processes, which are Metal, which exhibits internal force, Water which represents movements that are flowing, Wood which represents a big, upright Monkey, Fire which shows fieriness, and Earth which represents quiescence.

There are, of course, other ways of classification, like Stone Monkey, Low Monkey, Wood Monkey, Shy Monkey and Drunken Monkey.

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Five Elemental Processes of the Five-Monkey Eighteen Felling Technique Set from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

When one looks at a Monkey Set, he often thinks that the patterns are just for show. It is hard to find combat application in the Monkey patterns. Every pattern has its combat application, but most people may not know them.

For example, what do you think is the combat application of "Naughty Monkey Crawls on Ground", which is crawling on the ground on all fours, or "Light-Footed Monkey", which is moving about in tip-toes?

In the Spiritual Monkey Eighteen Felling Technique Set, there are eighteen felling techniques, besides other combat techniques. Course participants themselves worked out twenty two felling techniques, from which I had to pick eighteen.

Wong Kiew Kit
28th January 2018, Inari, Lapland

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Monkey Felling Techniques from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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