Special Shaolin Tantui Course 2017

Special Shaolin Tantui Course 20 July to 5 Aug 2017

Please see Essence of Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course

Tantui, or Spring Kicks, is a great martial art. In the late 19th century and 20th century, masters of many countries went to China to test her kungfu efficiency. All the foreign masters were defeated by Chinese kungfu masters who mostly practiced Tantui.

However, today most Tantui practitioners only practice its outward forms, with internal force and without combat application. This Special Shaolin Tantui Course, held in two session from 24th to 30th July, and 30th July to 5th August 2018, were historic.

Course participants learned internal force and combat application of Tantui as well as many other kungfu secrets. It is hoped that Tantui will one day regain its glory and greatness.

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  1. Stance Training to Develop Mental Clarity and Internal Force
  2. Learning the 12 Tantui Solo Sequences
  3. Class Practice (1) to Attain Picture-Perfect Form
  4. Class Practice (2) to Attain Picture-Perfect Form
  5. From Picture-Perfect Form to Smooth Flow
  6. Using Chi to Generate Speed and Force
  7. Exploding of Force Must be Smooth and Relaxed
  8. Moving into an Opponent to Initiate an Attack
  9. Learning the 12 Basic Combat Sequences of Tantui
  10. Learning Break-Fall Before Attempting Felling Techniques
  11. What should You Do if an Oppoent Holds your Leg
  12. Don't Block a Sweeping Kick
  13. Plant Willow in Front of Camp -- Counter against Muay Thai Knee Jabs
  14. Counters against the Shoot
  15. Counters against Cross-Grips and Straight-Grips
  16. Counters against Left and Right Hooks
  17. Some Examples of Tantui Combat Application
  18. Learning the 12 Tantui Advanced Combat Sequences

Please see Essence of Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course


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