Group photo of the Special Tantui Course from 24th to 30th July 2017 in Penang

Please see Essence of Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course

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  1. Entering Zen and Chi flow
  2. Lifting Sun and Moon and Bringing Chi to Dan Tian
  3. Stance Training for Mental Clarity and Internal Force
  4. 12 Solo Sequences of Tantui at Form Level
  5. Class Practice of Solo Sequences at Form Level
  6. Smooth Flow of Various Patterns of a Sequence
  7. Pressing and Overwhelming Opponents with Speed
  8. Exploding Force in Tantui
  9. Performing Tantui with Flow and Force
  10. Learning the 12 Basic Tantui Combat Sequences
  11. What would Happen when You Use a Tantui Combat Sequence
  12. Learning Break-Fall Before Attempting Felling Techniques
  13. Handling Strikes from Left Side and Right Side
  14. Using the Swinging Arms and Snap Kicks of Tantui for Combat
  15. Using the Felling Techniques of Tantui for Combat
  16. Impromptu Questions for and Demonstration by Grandmaster Wong
  17. Some Chin-Na or Gripping Techniques
  18. Countering Shoots in Tantui
  19. Counter against Muay Thai Knee Jabs
  20. Reverse Hanging of Silver Hooks
  21. Learning the 12 Tantui Advanced Combat Sequences
  22. Performing Tantui with Force and Flow
  23. If your Leg is being Held

Please see Essence of Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course


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