36 Specific Techniques

Roxana and Daniel in free sparring using the 36 Specific Techniques

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  1. Black Tiger Steals Heart -- Single Tiger Emerges from Cave
  2. Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom -- Golden Dragon Plays with Water
  3. Precious Duck Swims through Lotus -- False Leg Hand Sweep
  4. Hang a Golden Star -- Immortal Emerges from Cave
  5. Happy Bird Hops up Branch -- Tame Tiger with String of Beads
  6. White Horse Presents Hoof -- Single Whip Saves Emperor
  7. Yellow Bird Drinks Water -- Trim Bamboo Together with Roots
  8. Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree -- Catch Tiger in Mountain
  9. Fell Tree with Roots -- Double Butterflies Fly Together
  10. Lead Horse Back to Stable -- Side Step Horse-Riding Punch
  11. Farmer Hoes Rice Field -- Tiger-Tail Kick
  12. Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain -- Cross Hand Thrust Kick
  13. Single Tiger Claw -- Beauty Looks at Mirror
  14. Old Eagle Catches Snake -- Sun Enters Lotus Flower
  15. Little Devil Pulls Hair -- Double Dragons Subdue Serpent
  16. Lohan Tames Tiger -- Golden Cockerel Locks Throat
  17. Chop the Hua Mountain -- Lift Fire Torch Sky
  18. Cannon Towards the Sky -- White Ape Holds Branch
  19. Single Sounding of Bell -- Bar the Big Boss
  20. Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle -- Golden Cockerel Stands Majestically
  21. Grip Throat in Front -- Wave Breaking Hands
  22. Big Boss Asks Way -- Black Crow Flaps Wings
  23. White Ape Presents Fruit -- Little Boy Catches Snake
  24. Golden Leopard Speeds through Jungle -- Hungry Tiger Catches Goat
  25. Continue to Hang Leg -- Double Dragons Cross Step
  26. Old Tree Rotten Roots -- Hungry Tiger Returns to Den
  27. Guan Ping Carries Insignia -- Angry Bull Charges at Fence
  28. Tai Mountain on Top -- Sweep a Thousand Armies
  29. Grip Throat from Behind -- Hide Flowers in Sleeves
  30. Yellow Bird Brushes Brow -- Throw Ball in Waves
  31. Old Man Pushes Cart -- Monkey Plucks Coconuut
  32. Green Flog on Ground -- Child Immortal Stretches Waist
  33. Old Man Smokes Pipe -- Carp Turns Body
  34. Ride Dragon Pull Tendon -- Iron Bull Ploughs Earth
  35. Jade Belt Round Waist -- Cross Road Separate Gold
  36. Wild Horse Charges at Stable -- Immortal Carries Wine Pot


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