Sabah 2016 -- Day 2

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Developing Internal Force and Mental Clarity for Peak Performance from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

The focus of Day 2 is to develop internal force and mental clarity for peak performance. The same three techniques learned on the first day are used, namely "Lifting the Sky", "Pushing Mountain" and "Carrying the Moon", but the skill are different.

In "Lifting the Sky", course participants learned to tap energy from the Cosmos. In "Pushing Mountain", they learned building internal force at their dan tian. In "Carrying the Moon" they leaned to stengthen themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As tests for their physical and mental performance, students could run round the training hall about 10 times without feeling tired and without being out of breath, and they could solve problems in just 15 minutes.

There was also practice on how to regulate the level when entering into a chi kung state of mind. They were advised that if they could achieved only 30% of what they achieved at the course, it would be sufficient to fulfill their chi kung needs. An effective way was to be at only 30% of the chi kung state of mind.

As an analogy, 30% of a person who earned 2000 euros a month, which was the average income of many people in Europe, would be insufficient to even meet his daily needs. But if his potential income was 100,000 euros a month, 30% would be 30,000 euros, which would be a lot of money compared to those who only earned 2000 euros a month.

100,000 euros is 50 times that of 2000 euros. Energy flow is the essence of chi kung. If a chi kung practitioner today can generate an energy flow after 50 days of training, it will be good result. But our students could generate an energy flow on the very first day of the course. It is therefore legitimate to say that the benefits our course participants get is at least 50 times what other chi kung practitioners get.



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