A main reason why we in Shaolin Wahnam can have so many benefits in such a short time is that we differentiate between techniques and skills. Many people, including masters, do not make this differentiation; they think that if they practice the techniques, they will derive the benefits of the art. This is not true, as evident in Taijiquan. The Taijiquan techniques many people practice are genuine, but they do not have internal force and cannot use the Taijiquan techniques for combat because they don't have the skills.

In the video here, course participants use the technique of "Pushing Mountain" to acquire the skill of generating an energy flow. On other occasions, they can use the same techniques to acquire the skills of self-manifested chi movement, and of internal force.

On the other hand, the skill of generating an energy flow can be attained by performing the techniques of "Lifting the Sky" and of "Carrying the Moon'. In other words, the same techniques can be used to develop different skills, and the same skill can be obtained by performing different techniques.

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Difference berween Techniques and Skills in Chi Kung Training from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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