2nd to 6th December 2014 Penang

Chi Kung, Qigong

Entering into a Chi Kung State of Mind

The Intensive Chi Kung Course ranges from beginners' level to masters' level.

It is helpful to differentiate between techniques, skills and results.

Only three techniques are taught -- Lifting the Sky, Pushing Mountain and Carrying the Moon.

Chi kung skills acquired at the course include

  1. Entering into a chi kung state of mind.
  2. Generating an energy flow.
  3. Tapping energy from the Cosmos.
  4. Developing mental clarity and internal force.
  5. Directing chi to massage internal organs and to wherever we like.
  6. Self-manifested chi movement.
  7. Expanding into the Cosmos.

The results of applying various chi kung skills to techniques results in three levels of attainment:

  1. Overcoming Illness, Good Health, Vitality and Longevity.
  2. Peak Performance in Daily Life.
  3. Spiritual Joys, ranging from being peaceful and happy to expanding into the Cosmos.

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  1. Entering into a Chi Kung State of Mind
  2. Lifting the Sky
  3. Pushing Mountain
  4. Carrying the Moon
  5. Tapping Energy from the Cosmos
  6. Self-Manifested Chi Movement
  7. Cosmic Shower
  8. Developing Mental Clarity and Internal Force
  9. Directing Chi to Massage Internal Organs and to Wherever We Like
  10. Expanding into the Cosmos

Chi Kung, Qigong

Expanding into the Cosmos


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