As the 24-Pattern Taijiquan Set composed by the National Sports Council of China in 1956 was mainly from Yang Style Taijiquan, the 48-Pattern Taijiquan Set was composed in 1976 with techniques from Chen Style, the two Wu styles and Sun Style.

Although this set is not taught in our school, it is explained in Grandmaster Wong's book, "The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan". A complete revision of the book, with explanation of all major Taijiquan styles, will be published this year (2016).

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48-Pattern Taijiquan from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

The 48 patterns of the set are as follows:

Sequence 1

  1. White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  2. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
  3. Single Whip
  4. Playing the Lute
  5. Push Boat According to Current
  6. Move - Intercept - Strike
  7. Grasping Sparrow's Tail

Sequence 2

  1. Seven-Star Anchor
  2. Punch Below Sleeves
  3. Repulse Monkey
  4. About Turn Palm Strike
  5. Playing the Lute
  6. Plant Fist

Sequence 3

  1. White Snake Shoots Venom
  2. Kick and Tame Tiger
  3. Swinging Fist
  4. Thread Fist Low Stance
  5. Crane Standing Among Cockerels
  6. Single Whip

Sequence 4

  1. Cloud Hands
  2. Wild Horse Spreads Mane
  3. High Patting Horse
  4. Right Thrust Kick
  5. Double Bees Buzzing at Ears
  6. Left Thrust Kick
  7. Cover Hand Rising Fist
  8. Needle at Sea Bottom
  9. Dodge then Extend Arm

Sequence 5

  1. Double Flying Kick
  2. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
  3. Grip and Punch
  4. Like Sealed as if Closed
  5. Cloud Hands
  6. Swinging Fist
  7. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle
  8. Retreat Step Thread Palm

Sequence 6

  1. False Leg Press Palm
  2. Single Whip on One Leg
  3. Blue Dragon Emerges from Water
  4. Turn Body Anchor Strike
  5. Lift Palm Low Stance
  6. Seven Stars
  7. Single Leg Ride Tiger
  8. Turn Body Sway Lotus
  9. Pull Bow Shoot Tiger
  10. Move - Intercept - Punch
  11. Grasping Sparrow's Tail
  12. Cross Hands


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