"Single Leg Flying Crane" of 72-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set

The Shaolin Winger Camp will be held from 22nd to 28th January 2018 in Lapland, Finland. Those attending the course will have a good chance to see the fabulous Northern Lights.

There are three Sections, namely Shaolin Kungfu, Shaolin Chi Kung and Zen. Those attending the Shaolin Kungfu Course, the Glory of Shaolin Kungfu, should familiarize themselves with the following sets. Those practicing Taijiquan can also attend, and the course will enrich their Taijiquan practice.

Please note that familiarizing themselves with the set, which is a required condition, is only the preparation. At the course, participants will learn the depth and essence of Shaolin Kungfu.

  1. Shaolin Dragon Form
  2. Shaolin Flower Set
  3. Shaolin Monkey Set
  4. Shaolin 72-Pattern Tiger Crane
  5. Five Elemental Fist of Shaolin Xingyiquan
These five sets crystallize the depth and essence of Shaolin Kungfu, the greatest martial art of the world. Shaolin Dragon Form is from Northern Shaolin. The Dragon is particularly effective in training mind. Shaolin Flower Set captures the spirit of ShaolinKungfu, flowing and forceful.

Shaolin Monkey Set is full of tricks. The Monkey was the specialty of my sifu, Grandmaster Ho Gatt Nam. The Shaolin 72-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set was from Ng Mui, the most combat efficient of the Shaolin Elders. Five-Elemental Fist represents the essence of Yue Fei, the Sage of Martial Art. <> The Glory of Shaolin Kungfu course will bring out the wonders of Shaolin Kungfu. It is also going to be fun/

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


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