Green Dragon Crescent Moon Knife

Sifu Wong demonstrating a pattern from the famous Green Dragon Crescent Moon Knife


  1. To preserve and pass on the legacy of kungfu weapons, including the weapon of our logo, i.e. the Taming-Tiger Big Trident and the Three-Sectional Soft-Whip
  2. To enable kungfu practitioners of any style, including instructors and masters, to learn and appreciate a variety of kungfu weapons, including their sets, principles and application, in a short time.


  1. To have a basic understanding of the philosophy of classical kungfu weapons and why their training is still relevant in our modern world.
  2. To learn the basic patterns and established sets of a representative selection of classical weapons -- the staff, the saber, the sword, the spear, the Big Knife, the Crescent Moon Spear, and the Big Trident.
  3. The understand the basic principles and application of these weapons.
  4. To be introduced to basic unarmed defence against weapon attacks.

Green Dragon Crescent Moon Knife

Sifu Wong's favourite weapon set, the Shaolin Traveling Dragon Sword

Course Content

The following weapon sets will be learnt.

  1. Ho Family Flowing Water Staff — This is one of the four most famous staffs in kungfu. Sifu Wong's teacher, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, never lost a match in combat using this staff. Sifu Wong said that its combat application is so amazingly effective that other weapons looked elementary.
  2. Shaolin Plum Flower Saber — This set incorporates saber techniques from both Northern and Southern Shaolin that Sifu Wong learned from different teachers.
  3. Shaolin Traveling Dragon Sword — In his young days Sifu Wong was famous for his sword techniques. He surprised many masters with his swordsmanship. This is Sifu Wong's favourite weapon sets among the many he knows.
  4. Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear — This is a composite set from two spear sets Sifu Wong learned in his young days, “Traveling Dragon Spear from his sishook in the Uncle Righteousness' Hoong Ka lineage, and “Thirteen-Technique Spear” from his siheng in Sifu Choe Hoong Choe's Wing Choon lineage.
  5. Green Dragon Crescent Moon Knife — This is a famous Kwan-Tou set in kungfu circles. “Kwan-Tou” refers to the Big Knife used by Kwan Yu, who is popularly known in the West as the God of War, but more appropriately recognized amongst the Chinese as the God of Righteousness.
  6. Traveling Dragon Crescent Moon Spear — The major techniques of six different weapons are incorporated in this weapon set! It was the choice weapon of Lu Pu, considered the most formidable warrior of the Three-Kingdom Period of Chinese warring history.
  7. Taming-Tiger Big Trident — This is our logo weapon, forming the letter "W", representing "Wah", in honour of our patriarch, Sifu Lai Chin Wah. The Big Trident is often mistaken to be a clumsy weapon. In the hand of a skilful exponent it can be very combat effective.
  8. Three-Sectional Soft-Whip — This is our logo weapon, forming the letter "N", representing "Nam", in honour of our patriarch, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam. It ia a weapon that one must learn from a master as untrained students would hit themselves with the weapon.

You can learn all the weapon sets here except the Three-Sectional Soft Whip set which will be taught at the course. Uninitiated students learn it from a video or book is likely to hit himself.

Expected Results

  1. Have a sound understanding of kungfu weapon philosophy.
  2. Be able to perform a variety of kungfu weapons.
  3. Be able to apply the weapons or their modern improvised forms in combat.
  4. Be able to defend against weapon attacks.
  5. Acquire specific skills in weapon training which can be transferred to unarmed combat and daily living.
  6. Inherit an invaluable kungfu legacy which is in danger of dying out, and if appropriate be in a position to pass on this legacy to posterity.

Taming-Tiger Big Trident

Sifu Wong demonstrating a pattern from the Taming-Tiger Big Trident


As revealed in the time-table, this course is really intensive. Please be sure to be fit physically and mentally before attending the course.


1800 euros.


This course is not for beginners. Applicants must have some prior kungfu experience. They must be able to perform unarmed kungfu patterns and footwork reasonably well.

Both current Shaolin Wahnam members (including instructors) and non-Shaolin Wahnam members may apply for this course. After the course, the latter may choose to be associate Shaolin Wahnam members while continuing to practice or teach their own styles, or not be associated with Shaolin Wahnam at all, but they have to be abided by the Ten Shaolin Laws. Those at instructor's level and above are free to teach these weapon sets in their own systems if they wish.

Those not familiar with our Shaolin Wahnam methodology may wonder how one could effectively learn 7 weapon sets, beside other aspects of weaponry, in 5 days. Of course this can be done — otherwise the course will not be offered. The teaching will be methodical and systematic, and you have to work very hard.

If you have not practiced with any weapon before, it is helpful to hold in both hands a reasonably heavy staff or stick of about five feet long, and swing it about in whatever ways you like but in proper kungfu stances. This gives you some practice in using a long weapon, like a Crescent Moon Knife, a Crescent Moon Spear and a Big Trident. Then hold in one hand another reasonable heavy staff or stick of about two to three feet long. This acts like a saber or a sword.

It is important not to tense any muscles when swinging your staff in one or two hands. After swinging the staff in any ways but in proper stances for about 5 to 10 minutes, drop the staff, stand upright, keep the mouth gently open, and be totally relaxed. Remain still or swaying with your energy flow if it occurs for about 5 minutes before completing the exercise.

No one can be proficient in kungfu by merely attaining an intensive course. The purpose of the course is to provide you with fundamental knowledge, skills and techniques; subsequent diligent practice is necessary. The main lessons of the course will be videoed, and a complimentary copy will be give to you to help you in your own practice.

Seven-Star Ground Combat Saber

This Seven-Star Ground Cpmbat Saber includes techniques from both Northern and Southern styles


Apply to the Honorary Organizer, stating

  1. the name of this course, i.e. Learning a Varaity of Weapons within a Short Time
  2. your full name
  3. your sex and age
  4. your occupation
  5. your e-mail address
  6. your postal address
  7. your phone and fax numbers, if any
  8. your health problems (briefly), if any
  9. your kungfu style(s) and experience
  10. your attainment level, e.g. instructor, master, grandmaster.
If you are accepted, details will be e-mailed to you.

You do not have to pay any application or booking fees. The course fee of US$1800 (which is the only fee you have to pay) is payable only if you are satisfied.

Intending applicants should also note that while combat efficiency is emphasized, this course is never meant for street combat or prize-fighting. One essential condition is required for participating in this course, and that is to uphold and practice the Ten Shaolin Laws. Please read and understand the Ten Shaolin Laws carefully. Application for the course is taken to be an indication that you have accepted this condition.

Food and Accommodation

The course will be held from 1st to 7th July 2016.in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There is a great variety of delicious food of different cuisines.

You have to pay for your own food and accommodation. You can have your meals or stay wherever you like. But it is recommended that you ask the Honorary Organizer, Dr Foong Tuck Meng, to book accommodation for you for better co-ordination.

Crescent Moon Spear

The Crescent Moon Spear is a very versatile weapon