Shaolin against Boxing

Sifu Kai Uwe applying a kick against a Boxer

As many martial artists today use Boxing techniques in combat, if you wish to be combat efficient it is natural that you should be familiar with the kungfu techniques and skills that are appropriate against Boxing. Many kungfu practitioners are ignorant of this. As a result they do badly when facing a Boxer or a martial artist of any style who uses Boxing techniques.

Often, the kungfu practitioners themselves would throw their own kungfu training to the winds, and fight like a Boxer too. Doing so would result in two serious setbacks for them. Firstly, they fight in a way they are not trained to do so. Secondly, they fight in a way that is most favorable to their opponent, because wittingly or unwittingly they are playing to the rules of the opponent's game.

There are many kungfu techniques and skills that are particularly favorable to the kungfu exponents against a Boxer. The video clips here show some of these techniques and skills.

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Footwork Against Western Boxing

footwork against Boxing

How would you fight a boxer who is very agile? Using the Double Dragon Hands at the Box-Arrow Stance is an effective way to keep an agile boxer at bay. The boxer soon becomes tired from his bouncing about, while you are still relaxed and full of energy. This is the strategy of ?Conserving energy while the enemy tires himself out?. This video clip was taken from a training session conducted by Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt of Germany for students of Shaolin Wahnam under a Warrior Project programme.

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Counters Against Boxer's Attacks


Many people have difficulty matching the speed and agility of a boxer. In this video clip Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt, a Shaolin Wahnam instructor from Germany who was also a former international all styles sparring champion, demonstrates how to counter the fast attacks of a boxer, posed by Sifu Darryl Collette, a Shaolin Wahnam instructor from Scotland who was also well trained in Boxing, in a training session of the Warriors' Project programme. The pattern used here is known as "Fierce Dragon Crosses Stream" in Shaolin, and "Lazy to Roll up Sleeves" or a modification of "Green Dragon Shoots Pearl" in Taijiquan.

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Agility of the Bow-Arrow Stance Against a Boxer Bouncing About


Many people have the wrong impression that stances may be solid but are static. Here Sifu Kai Uwe demonstrates how by shifting the legs skillfully, a kungfu exponent using the Bow-Arrow Stance can be very agile when facing a boxer bouncing about. This video clip was taken during a Warrior Project training session where most of the participants are from Shaolin Wahnam UK. Their instructor, Sifu Darryl Collette, said that the students ?had only a few months training and were still not convinced that staying in stances was a good idea compared to the more commonly acceptable 'bouncing and floating' modern methods. After practicing some of these drills for a short while, they started to see - by their own direct experience - how and why stances are extremely important within Shaolin Kungfu.?

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Intercepting a Boxer's Strikes

intercepting a Boxer's strikes

A big mistake many kungfu students make is that when they meet an opponent who fights like a boxer (and also a kickboxer), they discard their own kungfu and fight like a boxer too. This is doubly disadvantageous to them. Not only they change into a style they have not been trained in, it is also one that the opponent is used to. Applying kungfu techniques against a boxer's techniques is relatively easy. (Take not that a boxer's strong point is not his techniques, but his speed.) In this video clip, taken during a Shaolin Wahnam Warrior Project training session, Sifu Kai Uwe Jetkandt shows an example to counter a boxer's attacks. The main pattern used is called ?Tame Tiger with Double Bows? in Shaolin Kungfu, or ?Jade Girl Threads Shuttle? in Wahnam Taijiquan. Note that while the boxer may become tired easily from his bouncing about, the kungfu exponent is calm and relaxed, and is able to conserve his energy.

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Using Kicks Against a Boxer

kicks against Boxers

Besides intercepting and counter-striking a boxer as shown in an earlier video, another effective way to fight against a boxer is to use kicks, especially side-kicks. Interestingly, you can almost use side-kick against a boxer irrespective of what moves he makes. Frequently the boxer may not know what to do besides bouncing away, because he has never been trained to counter kicks, as kicks are forbidden in boxing rules. You reverse a doubly disadvantageous position had you fight like a boxer following his example, to a doubly advantageous position, apply the tactics of ?long against short?, and "using your strong point against the opponent's weakness".

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Shaolin Techniques against Western Boxing from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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