Life is wonderful

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The examination was now over. Alice won the prize. Beng did not do very well, but this was not important. What was utmost in his mind was to find out why Alice refused to see him at a time he wanted to see her most urgently. He called on Alice but she was not in.

"She's really not in," May emphasized. "What's actually happened between you two?" she inquired.

"That's why I'm here to find out," Beng answered.

"I thought you two were in love."

"In love?"

"Well, if a girl confesses that life is a wonderful and godly thing, what else can it be?"

"What? Who says life's a wonderful, godly thing?"

"Who else? Your Alice, of course. Just that night you made a lot of noise serenading below our window, I accidentally saw her confession. Clearly written in bold red across the top of her lecture notes!"

Beng suddenly felt a lump swelling in his heart, and hot tears swelling in his eyes, and he began to wobble. He wanted to ask many questions, but he didn't ask. Perhaps it was best to leave them unanswered, he thought. He managed to smile, and hurried away.

Beng should be thinking of Alice, but oddly enough, he was thinking of old, kind Uncle Ramli. At that moment a ray of evening sun shone through some patchy foliage above and gently alighted on the grassy ground. Suddenly Beng felt inspired and strong. He looked closely at the grass and was surprised to find that it was not merely green, but of many colours, blue and yellow, gold and purple, emerald and indigo, and all the other hues of the rainbow dancing in the wonderful sunshine.




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