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Following a proposal by Peter Rehse, the "Shaolin Wahnam Institute" page has been removed from Wikipedia, and is redirected to the "Wong Kiew Kit" page. This is the second time the "Shaolin Wahnam Institute" page is removed. A few years ago Peter Rehse also successfully proposed the "Shaolin Wahnam Institute" page to be deleted.

Grandmaster Wong has written to Wikipedia to request that the "Wong Kiew Kit" page be removed too. His message to Wikipedia is reproduced below.

Dear Sir/Madame,

My name is Wong Kiew Kit and I am the founder of Shaolin Wahnam Institute. As you consider the "Shaolin Wahnam Institute" page not worthy to be listed in Wikipedia, please remove the "Wong Kiew Kit" page from Wikipedia with immediate effect.

Personally I would not like to be listed by an organization where my school is not welcome.

Thank you.

Wong Kiew Kit.
30th September 2013.

A Treasure House of Kungfu Sets

Sifu Mark Blohm has put in a lot of effort to create the "Shaolin Wahnam Institute" page. Amongst many benefits, this page is a treasure house of kungfu sets. In order that you can have an easy reference to a great variety of kungfu sets, the page is reproduced here .

We wish to thank Sifu Mark Blohm for his incredible selfless effort.

1st October 2013


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