Like Magic Dreams, picture taken from the

                             Like Magic Dreams
                                (To Rosanna)

                           Gentle breeze blowing
                               Fanning your face
                           Warmly I hold you
 	                       In light embrace

                           Partly in clouds
                               The moon seems shy
                           For she envies
 	                       Your magic eyes

                           Sweetly singing
                               The waves in glee
                           A song of love
 	                       For you and me

                           Oh so romantic
                               In pale moonshine
                           And softly you lean
                               Your head on mine

                           Fragrance floating
                               Sweetening the air
                           My fingers weaving
                               Amidst your hair

                           Vaguely we see
                               The distant hill
                           Vaguely you stroke
                               A magic thrill

                           The distant sea
 	                       In moonlight gleams
                           Caresses so tender
 	                       Like magic dreams

                           Like magic dreams
                               That flash anew
                           My heart glows warm
                               And sings with you

                           My heart glows warm
                           And sings with you

                                  8th September 1966, Kuala Lumpur. 


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