The kungfu styles meant for non-Shaolin Wahnam members are what kungfu practitioners should get but do not. We know very well that most other kungfu practitioners just learn external kungfu forms, and generously exchange blows if they have to spar.

To be able to use kungfu techniques for sparring in just 1 year is indeed a remarkable achievement. When I first learned kungfu, it took me more than 10 years to do so. More importantly, as I have always explained in the various lessons, the other kungfu practitioners will have good health, vitality and longevity.

Why do I start these programmes? It is to fulfill a major aim when I established Shaolin Wahnam, i.e. to restore the greatness of kungfu. Whether other kungfu practitioners will take advantage of these programmes is their problem. But it is my duty, having derived so many benefits from practicing kungfu, that I do so.

At the risk of being attacked behind my back, the levels of attainment of these other kungfu practitioners are far below those attained by Shaolin Wahnam members, though the levels are far above those who do not practice the programmes. This fact is obvious to us.

What Shaolin Wahnam members need to guard against is over-training. Over-training was inevitable when I started teaching intensive and regional courses, and because of the tremendous improvement of our teaching methodology.

In intensive and regional courses I have to condense material meant for many years of practice into a few days. It is therefore very helpful to note the difference between these courses I teach and the regular classes taught by our instructors.

Over about 20 years in teaching intensive and regional courses, I have improved my teaching methodology tremendously. As a rough guide, an intensive course I taught in my early years is about the same level as a regional course I teach now. One main reason for my improvement is that I teach about a hundred such courses a year, whereas a master elsewhere has the same class following him throughout.

The programmes of the various kungfu styles indicate what a kungfu practitioner should achieve. There are two main reasons why anyone practices kungfu: to defend himself (or herself) or his (or her) loved ones, and to be healthy. Most kungfu practitioners today do not attain these two objectives. They never learn combat application or hurt themselves in generous exchange of blows, and they become more unhealthy as they practice.

Our Shaolin Wahnam members are better. They learn more advanced combat applications, have radiant health, are full of vitality, enjoy longevity, attain peak performance and are peaceful and happy every day.