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A chi kung class in Italy

Here is a suggested plan for the seminar.

  1. Welcoming Speech -- 3 minutes
  2. Chi kung and Gentle Physical Exercise -- 10 minutes
  3. Benefits of Chi Kung -- 20 minutes
  4. Short Speeches by Practitioners -- 5 minutes
  5. Questions and Answers -- 10 minutes
  6. Concluding Speech -- 2 minutes

The seminar, which will include some demonstration, should be short. It should be completed within an hour. Don't over-talk. Just say enough to whet the appetite of the audience. The purpose of the seminar is to form a class. Your students can ask questions later.

When people say they practice chi kung, they mean gentle physical exercise. They do not have the benefits of chi kung, like overcoming illness and an increase of vitality. Be careful not to hurt other people when you mention the difference, but emphasize that it is helpful for the audience to know.

It is useful to demonstrate the difference between genuine chi kung and gentle physical exercise. Do not go into vigorous chi flow when demonstrating genuine chi kung, as this may frighten some people.

Briefly explain how practicing chi kung will overcome illness and contribute to good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance, mental clarity and spiritual joys. Details can be explained to students in class if they ask them.

Chi kung overcomes illness by clearing energy blockage. When chi flow is harmonious, i.e. when all the cells, organs and systems in a person's body are working naturally, the person will be healthy. When chi flow is vigorous, he has vitality. When his energy is flowing for a long time, he has longevity.

Chi kung contributes to internal force, thus enhancing peak performance. When a person is free of all thoughts, like when he enters into a chi kung state of mind when performing chi kung, he has mental clarity. Remind the audience that having mental clarity, which is a problem faced by many people, is different from an inability to think. Chi kung purifies the spirit, thus giving the person spiritual joys.

If you have practicing students, ask them to say a few words. Their speeches must be short. If you don't have practicing students, mention that students in our school are healthy and full of vitality, and find everyday a joy.

You must prepare some questions in case no one from the audience ask them. From experience, most questions are about how to practice chi kung. You can answer them well and truthfully.

Tell the audience that you will only start a class if there are at least 20 students. If there are less, you will not start any class.

Registration of students should be done immediately after the seminar. Perspective students will pay a deposit. Give a discount for those who register. Get a few people to help you to register new students.

Wong Kiew Kit
19th February 2018, Sungai Petani



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