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Wu Wei Thien first went to the house of the Fong family to thank Miu Chooi Fa, Fong Sai Yuk, Fong How Yuk and Fong Mei Yuk. They were very happy to see him.

Fong Sai Yuk was elated. "To pass through the Lane of Wooden Men is not easy," he said. "The kungfu of Sidai (i.e. younger kungfu brother) must be exceptional."

Hearing this, Wu Wei Thien gave a long sigh and answered, “Please, siheng, don’t speak like this. This time my return to Guangzhou, I have wronged our sifu. I left Shaolin Monastery not by passing through the Lane of Wooden Men, but by crawling through a drainage hole at the back of the monastery.”

Fong Sai Yuk and the others were shocked. But Fong Sai Yuk managed to say, "Eight years at the Shaolin Monastery and learning from the Venerable Chee Seen, even if you didn't pass through the Lane of Woonden Men, your kungfu must be good."

Wu Wei Thien then went to Xi Chan Si, or West Zen Temple, to meet his siheng (or elder kungfu brother), the Venerable Sam Tuck, who was the abbot of the temple.

After some preliminary talk, Wu Wei Thien told him that this time he came back to Guangzhou to take revenge for his father's death. He narrated to Sam Tuck the murder of his father, the death of his mother, how he was saved by the Fong brothers, how Miu Chooi Fa helped him to learn from the Venerable Chee Seen, how he failed in his attempt at the Lane of Wooden Men, and in his haste to take revenge, he crawled through the drainage hole.

Sam Tuck was very surprised. “As a Shaolin disciple, going against the monastery rules may result in serious punishment. How can sidai be so silly?”

Wu Wei Thien lamented, “I am really stupid. I have been at the Shaolin Monastery for six years, yet I could not go through the Lane of Wooden Men. I trained for another two years, and the day of my revenge became farther and farther. Those whom I seek revenge might have died, or run away. Even I know a lot of kungfu, what is the use? Hence, I could only think of crawling through the drainage hole so that I can take my revenge. Regarding the punishment, whether it is light or heavy, I have long left aside. I hope siheng will help me.”

Sam Tuck smiled. “You and I come from the same sifu. How can I not help you? But you want to take revenge. Hence, you can't avoid fighting. Sidai, please tell me honestly. How good is your kungfu?”

“I myself do not know. But sifu taught me the Flower Set, and I have trained hard for two years. From sifu’s expression, I believe he was very pleased. I don’t know whether this Flower Set is sufficient for me to take revenge.”

Hearing this, Sam Tuck laughed out loudly. “This Flower Set is a specialty of our sifu. If one is not a disciple whom he loves, our sifu will not transmit this Flower Set. When you have this type of kungfu, who in kei fong (i.e. the cloth-making factory) can be your match?”

Sam Tuck paused for awhile, then continued. “Nevertheless, we must not underestimate the kungfu of the cloth-making workers. Moreover, they are of a big number, and are united. Once there is trouble, they always group together. If you go alone, your pressure will be less and your strength mild. Fortunately, heaven helps you, enabling you to have capable helpers. Today, a few capable persons have come here for a visit. They are Shaolin disciples. We can ask them to help you, to add to your voice and valour.”

Wu Wei Thien was very happy, and requested Sam Tuck to lead the way to meet them. Sam Tuck gladly agreed and led him to the eastern room.

Wu Wei Thien was surprised when meeting them. He saw them at the Shaolin Monastery before. Although their kungfu was not as good as that of the Fong brothers, they were capable and skillful. They were Iron Arm Leong Zong, who could lift up a gigantic tripod of 800 katis, Marvelous Hands Li Yuk Loon, who was expert in secret weapons like flying stones, and Lone Monk Cheah Fook who was very good in the art of lightness.

Leong Zong and the other two asked Wu Wei Thien why he left Shaolin Monastery to Guangzhou. Wu Wei Thien retold his past. They were moved by the feelings of Wu Wei Thien, and agreed to prolong their stay to help him.

That night Sam Tuck held a vegetarian dinner to wash away Wu Wei Thien’s dust (i.e. the dinner was to welcome Wu Wei Thien and held in his honour). He also asked Wu Wei Thien to stay at the temple.

Wong Kiew Kit,
10th January 2018, Sungai Petani



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