Wing Choon Chi Sau

An old picture showing Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Sifu Koay in Wing Choon chi sau


  1. To help restore the past glory and greatness of kungfu, irrespective of its styles.
  2. To enable kungfu practitioners of any style, including instructors and masters, to incorporate internal force and kungfu application in their practice and teaching. This will help many dedicated but hitherto frustrated kungfu practitioners to realize their dream of practicing kungfu as a great martial art.


  1. To have a basic understanding of the philosophy of kungfu irrespective of the style.
  2. To be introduced to fundamental kungfu skills like timing, spacing, fluidity of movement, breath control, energy flow, and mental focus..
  3. To be introduced to force training using the typical training methods of the participants' respective styles.
  4. To learn and practice combat application using typical techniques and tactics from the participants' respective styles.

Course Content

With special reference to the participants' respective styles

  1. (a) the meaning and scope of kungfu
    (b) some fundamental kungfu principles
    (c) moral and spiritual dimensions of kungfu, irrespective of race, culture and religion.
  2. (a) basic stances and footwork
    (b) some fundamental patterns
    (c) linking patterns to constitute a set
    (d) breathing co-ordination
    (e) fluidity of movements
  3. (a) relevant chi kung
    (b) some basic force training methods of the participants' respective styles
    (c) Standing Meditation.
  4. (a) typical patterns from the participants' respective styles for combat
    (b) the four categories of attacks
    (c) important principles of defence;
    (d) specific techniques against common attacks

Expected Results

  1. Have a sound knowledge of the theoretic aspects of the participants' respective kungfu styles.
  2. Understand the important aspects of typical kungfu patterns of their styles..
  3. Be able to compose a kungfu set with understanding of underlying principles.
  4. Appreciate the significance and methods of force training.
  5. Experience fitness, health and vitality.
  6. Know some effective defence techniques against all the four categories of attacks, and with practice, feel confident of being able to handle any combat situation.
  7. Be inspired that the beauty of kungfu is not just a fighting art.
  8. Usually be amazed at what can be accomplished in a few days of intensive training if the participants are clear about their objectives, have the right methods and are ready to work hard.


As revealed in the time-table, this course is really intensive. Please be sure to be fit physically and mentally before attending the course.


US$1500 per person

Fees are payable at the completion of the course only if the students are satisfied that all the set objectives have been fulfilled. They do not have to pay any fees if they say they are not satisfied.

Internal Force

A female student of Sifu Wong using internal force to break a brick


This course is specially meant for those who practice any kungfu styles other than those in Shaolin Wahnam, and are of intructor's level or above. Those who have not attained instructor's level but have considerable kungfu experience may apply. Shaolin Wahnam practitioners in Shaolin Kungfu or Wahnam Taijiquan need not apply for this course.

After successfully completing the course, participants may choose to be associate members of Shaolin Wahnam or not associated with the Shaolin Wahnam lineage, but they are required to be abided by the Ten Shaolin Laws.

While results can be felt during the course itself, lasting effects and of a high standard can be obtained only if the participants continue practicing what they have learnt, for at least a few months, if not years.

No one can be proficient in kungfu by merely attaining an intensive course. The purpose of the course is to provide participants with fundamental skills and techniques; subsequent diligent practice is necessary.

Note to Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Members

As many Shaolin Wahnam kungfu (including Taijiquan) members have expressed interest in this course, the following clarification would be useful.

This course is principally meant for kungfu practitioners of other styles at instructor's level or above. If you have practiced Shaolin Kungfu or Wahnam Taijiquan at any level, including regular classes taught by certified Shaolin Wahnam instructors, you need not attend this course because you already have the skills and techniques to develop internal force and apply kungfu for combat. (This does not necessarily mean you are at the same level as instructors of other styles.).

On the other hand, Shaolin Wahnam members (including instructors) who also practice other styles and wish to deepen them may apply for this course if they wish, although it is actually not necessary to do so. Because they already have the necessary skills, what they need to do is to consult Sifu Wong (which is free) on these styles. Following Sifu Wong's explanation, they can use the techniques from these other styles for internal force training and combat application. In fact, there are some video clips, such as those found here and here showing such teaching.


Apply to The Secretary , stating

  1. the name of this course, i.e. Harnessing your Internal Force and Mastering your Martial Art
  2. your full name
  3. your sex and age
  4. your occupation
  5. your e-mail address
  6. your postal address
  7. your phone and fax numbers, if any
  8. your health problems (briefly), if any
  9. your kungfu style(s) and experience
  10. your attainment level, e.g. instructor, master, grandmaster.
If you are accepted, details will be e-mailed to you.

You do not have to pay any application or booking fees. The course fee of US$1500 (which is the only fee you have to pay) is payable during the course only if you are satisfied.

Intending applicants should also note that while combat efficiency is emphasized, this course is never meant for street combat or prize-fighting. One essential condition is required for participating in this course, and that is to uphold and practice the Ten Shaolin Laws. Please read and understand the Ten Shaolin Laws carefully. Application for the course is taken to be an indication that you have accepted this condition.

Food and Accommodation

The course will be held in Sungai Petani, Malaysia. The nearest airport is Penang, from where you can take a taxi (about an hour's drive) to Sungai Petani.

You have to pay for your own food and accommodation. You can have your meals or stay wherever you like. But it is recommended that you ask our Secretary to book accommodation for you for better co-ordination.

Some good hotels in Sungai Petani are Swiss Inn (phone number 60-4-4223333, fax number 60-4-4224473), Cinta Sayang (60-4-4414666, 60-4-4415263), Noveltel (60-4-4317777, 60-4-4318777), and SP Inn (60-4-4213411, 60-4-4212423). A comfortable, air-conditioned room with complimentary breakfast costs about US$30 per day. A sumptuous meal costs less than US$10 per person. Both Western and Eastern food are available.

kungfu sparring

Sifu Wong and his senior disciple, Sifu Goh Kok Hin, practicing one of the 16 Shaolin Combat Sequences

Combat Application and Internal Force

It is a well-known fact that our intensive courses are really intensive, covering many important areas in some depth within a very short time. The teaching, however, is methodical, enabling you to progress systematically.

To enable Sifu Wong to have a better understanding of your kungfu style, at the start of the course you are required to perform a typical kungfu set from your style chosen by you yourself. This set should be representative of your style, but needs not be an advanced set, and preferably should not be too long. This set will be used as a basis from which Sifu Wong will select patterns for your combat application.

The combat situations which cover all the four categories of attack and defence will be based on the 16 combat sequences of Shaolin Kungfu taught in Shaolin Wahnam, which have proven to be a very effective approach to learning sparring using kungfu patterns. But while the combat situations are similar, the techniques used will be taken from your own kungfu style. To enable you to progress faster and get more benefits, it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with these 16 Shaolin Combat Sequences, which you can access from this webpage . You need not perform these combat sequences; it is sufficient if you can have some idea of how the patterns in each of the 16 sequences follow one another.

You will also be required to discuss or demonstrate your methods of internal force training if you have any, so that basing on what you already practice, Sifu Wong can help you to enhance your training. But if you have not satisfactorily practiced internal force before, Sifu Wong will choose a typical method from your style, or a method suitable to your style.