36 Strategies

36 Strategies

The 36 strategies are not strategies in the sense of overall plans of actions but tricks to overcome particular problems. Strategies or tricks are by themselves neutral. It is the intention and result of their application that are moral or immoral. These strategies or tricks are sufficient for business, social and personal success.

Winning Strategies
  1. Chapter 1: Deceive Heaven Cross Sea
  2. Chapter 2: Surround Wei Save Zhao
  3. Chapter 3: Borrow Knife Kill Person
  4. Chapter 4: Use Rest Wait Labour
  5. Chapter 5: While Fire Commit Robbery
  6. Chapter 6: Sound East Strike West

Battling Strategies

  1. Chapter 7: From Nothing Born Something
  2. Chapter 8: Secretly Escape Chen Cang
  3. Chapter 9: Across Beach Watch Fire
  4. Chapter 10: Knife Hidden in Smiles
  5. Chapter 11: Plum for Peach Sacrifices
  6. Chapter 12: Easy Hand Snatch Goat
Attacking Strategies
  1. Chapter 13: Hit Grass Startle Snake
  2. Chapter 14: Borrow Corp to Reincarnate
  3. Chapter 15: Trick Tiger Leave Mountain
  4. Chapter 16: To Catch So Release
  5. Chapter 17: Throw Stone Attract Jade
To be Continued


36 Strategies for Business, Social and Personal Success
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