San Francisco

San Francisco

  1. San Francisco and its Scenic Coastal Road
  2. Returning to San Francisco through San Jose and Palo Alto
  3. Sacramento, Clear Lake and Ten Thousand Buddhas
  4. Majestic Coastal Roads, Magnificent Country Roads and Prosaic Highways

  5. Along the Hudson River in New York State
  6. From little Paltz to Saratoga Springs with Colorful Leaves All the Way
  7. What's This Life If There's No Time to Stand and Stare
  8. From Concord to Montreal along Scenic Routes

  9. A Day in Montreal, a Charming City of Old and New
  10. The Journey from Montreal to Toronto
  11. A Lovely Day in Toronto
  12. Going North on Yonge Street, the Longest Street in the World

  13. The Exquisite Bok Tower Garden in Florida
  14. Fort de Soto Park in Saint Petersburg


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