Grandmaster Wong and Family Members

Grandmaster Wong and family members. From left Swee Huat, Sau Foong, Wei Foong, Grandmaster Wong's wife, Grandmaster Wong, grandson Rowan, Siew Foong and Hyet Choon

    1. Visiting I-City and the Historical City of Malacca 2017
    2. Returning to Dungun after 50 Years
    3. Beautiful People, Beautiful Places
    4. Cameron Highlands, Famous for Tea and Temperate Climate
    5. Sekinchan, Home of Fish and Rice
    6. Museum of Kota Kuala Kedah
    7. Alor Star, the State Capital of Kedah, Malaysia
    8. Temples of Nine Emperor Gods
    9. Travel Article of French Villa Revisited
    10. Temple of Heavenly Queen, Kuala Lumpur
    11. Patronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur
    12. Visit to Kelantan, Malaysia 16th May 2019
    13. Kuala Trengganu, Natiuonal Park and Raub 17th May 2017
    14. First World Hotel on Genting Highlands 18th May 2019
    15. Divine Scenery at Feng Lai Temple 18th May 2019


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