Using Attacks for Which There are No Counters in Other Martial Arts from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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The rationale behind applying a kungfu combat sequence against opponents of other martial arts is that you are so fluent in your sequence that they have no time to response. It does not matter what martial arts they practice. You must press in so relentlessly that they have no time to use their techniques on you.

This is the proactive approach. They merely retreat to avoid your pressing attack. As a result they are pressed to a wall.

However, if they are skillful enough to dodge your attack and manage a counter, you use the reactive approach. You counter their response and continue your pressing attack, or subdue them on the ground and deliver your coup de grace.

To bring your sparring to a higher level, you can use attacks for which your opponents of other martial arts have no counters. For example, if you kick at a Boxer, he has no techniques in his repertoire to defend against your kick. If you apply a chin-na technique on a Karate exponent, he has no techniques in his repertoire to release your grip. If you fell a Taekwondo exponent, he has no techniques to defend against your felling attack.

Ohter videoes show some attacks for which opponents of other martial arts have no techniques to counter. But if you apply the same attacks on kungfu practitioners, they will be able to respond correctly – if they know how, and many kungfu practitioners do not know how, they merely perform kungfu forms.

The videoes can be divided into the following parts:

  1. Using a chin-na attack on opponents of other martial arts. A kungfu counter against the chin-na attack is also shown. Most other martial arts do not have a counter.

  2. Sean used a chin-na attack called “Old Eagle Catches Snake” against Pascal. Most martial arts do not have a counter against this chin-na attack.

  3. Pascal used a felling attack, Fell Tree with Roots, against Sean.

  4. Sean and Bernie both used Shaolin Kungfu for combat. As Shaolin Kungfu has an extensive range of techniques, there are no attacks that cannot be countered.


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