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An early Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sungai Petani

The Intensive Chi Kung Course is unbelievable. At a time when more than 80% of chi kung practitioners all over the world use chi kung techniques to practice gentle physical exercise, the Intensive Chi Kung Course covers material that ranges from beginners' level to masters' level in just three days, and applicants need not have any prior chi kung experience! It is unprecedented in chi kung history.

"Chi kung" is usually spelt in English. In Romanized Chinese, it is written as "qigong", with the same pronunciation as the English "chi kung".

Why do I say that more than 80% of chi kung practitioners use chi kung techniques to practice gentle physical exercise? It is simply because they do not practice genuine chi kung, they do not get the benefits of chi kung that practicing chi kung will give, although they use genuine chi kung techniques. In the same way, more than 90% of Taiji practitioners do not practice genuine Taijiquan, which is an internal martial art, but practice external Taiji form, or Taiji dance.

Many people may be angry at my statements. As I have often mentioned, that is their problem. If they are smart, they will heel my advice and gain some benefits from their dedicated practice, irrespective of whether they want to learn in our school, Shaolin Wahnam. I am merely stating the truths.

The essence of chi kung is chi flow. It is chi flow, not the chi kung exercises, that provides the benefits of chi kung, like overcoming illness, and providing good health, vitality and longevity. Not many people appreciate this fact, though it was suggested in chi kung classics long ago. When I first introduced the Intensive Chi Kung Course to the public, this fact was not crystallized, though I had some vague idea that chi flow was important in chi kung practice.

Now we start our Intensive Chi Kung Course by entering into a chi kung state of mind, which is necessary to generate a chi flow. But I did not do this in my student's days. I also did not do this when I first taught chi kung to the public. This skill of entering into a chi kung state of mind evolved over time. The skill was inspired by, and the term borrowed from, the great chi kung master from China, Sifu Yan Xin.

For convenience, the Intensive Chi Kung Course is now divided into three levels -- the elementary, the intermediate and the advanced -- and they roughly correspond to the first day, the second day and the third day of the course. This is a new development. Early participants of my Intensive Chi Kung Course did not have this division.

Beginging students and those who wish to use chi kung to overcome their so-called incurable diseases should focus on exercises taught at the beginging level on the first day, which is chi kung for health (including vitality and longevity), and the main skill is generating energy flow.

Many people think, wrongly, that the type of chi kung that overcomes so-called incurable diseases, like cancer, must be of a very high level. In our school, we use chi kung of the lowest level, i.e. chi kung that generates the least energy. Sick people practicing high level chi kung is like those people lifting weights or running a marathon. The powerful energy from high level chi kung may aggravate their illness, or even kill them.

Chi kung of the lowest level, i.e. chi kung for health, is actually the most useful to most people. Most people today practice chi kung to overcome illness or to maintain good health. Many years ago Andrew (Sifu Andrew Barnett) asked me what the best Shaolin art was. I answered it was Golden Bell. If anybody were to ask me the same question today, I would answer any Shaolin art that gives good health, vitality and longevity.

In the intermediate level of chi kung, we focus on attaining peak performance, which can be accomplished by attaining mental clarity and internal force, besides being in a chi kung state of mind. How does this contribute to peak performance?

The fundamental requirements in a chi kung state of mind are to be relaxed and to be focused. When a person is relaxed, he (or she) can have better result in whatever he does than when he is tensed. When a person is focused, he can have better result than when he is distracted. When a person is relaxed and focused at the same time, i.e. he is in a chi kung state of mind, his result in whatever he does is not just twice, but four times. The benefit is exponential.

Similarly when a person's mind is clear, he will have better result. He will also have better result when he has internal force. Hence, because of exponential progression, by attending the Intensive Chi Kung Course and learning the intermediate level of chi kung, a person will attain peak performance in his daily life, as he is 16 times more efficient than if he had not attended the course!

The advanced level of chi kung, i.e. spiritual cultivation at the highest level, is taught on the third day. Other aspects of spiritual cultivation, like being happy and peaceful, are taught throughout the course.

Course participants place their mind or soul at the ball of energy at their dan tian and expand beyond their physical body. They may find themselves nowhere and everywhere. They experience a tremendous sense of freedom and bliss. From experience, more than 60% of course participants expanded into the Cosmos.

Course participants of the Intensive Chi Kung Course learn only 3 chi kung techniques so that they can focus on chi kung skills. The 3 techniques are Lifting the Sky, Pushing Mountain, and Carrying the Moon. There is a great range of skills, which include generating an energy flow, self-manifested chi movement, attaining mental clarity, developing internal force, regulating the speed of chi flow, massaging internal organs, cosmic shower, using chi flow to do one's work, and expanding into the Cosmos.

It is an unbelievable course.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
15th December 2016

chi kung, qigong

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