Spiritual Lion Opens Mouth

There is a saying that if one has studied the famous 300 poems of the Tang Dynasty, even if he doesn’t write poetry, he can steal from the poems. The Tang poems are amongst the best in all literature, and when a person has studied the best 300 poems he can recite poetry like a poet.

This saying aptly describes the marvelous aspect of Essence of Shaolin. All the 108 techniques are selected from the best of Shaolin Kungfu for their marvelous application. If one has learnt these marvelous application, he can attain the level of the marvelous, which is the highest level. Initially I intended to teach this set only to a chosen successor, but now I have decided to teach it to deserving students.

The course is by invitation only. There will be two sessions, from 4th to 10th December, and from 14th to 29th December 2017. Course participants need to attend only one of the two sessions. From 10th to 14th December the Small and Big Universe Course will be conducted.

Invitations have been sent to those who attended an Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course or an Intensive Taijiquan Course, which constitute the basis of any good kungfu training. Upon receiving their application, I shall confirm their attendance.

Because e-mail addresses may have changed, those who have not received an invitation may apply to me stating the year and the place they attended the intensive courses. On the other hand, those who are qualified though they may not have attended an intensive course, may apply to me for consideration.

December is a very busy month in Penang. Hotels are fully booked. In fact, the hall in Copthrone Hotel where we shall have the course, has long been booked on every Sunday. So please apply to the Secretary as soon as possible. Learn the set before attending the course. The video series can be accessed here and the picture series here.

The Essence of Shaolin is a marvelous set. It brings practitioners to the marvelous level. I shall not teach it again.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
15th February 2017.


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