Course participants enjoy a chi flow on the very first day of a regional course

Other people may think we are more effective than others in our training. They may think we are two times better, or even three times, which is a lot. I remember that when I was a school teacher, my pay was about $2000 a month. Teachers are poorly paid despite doing a noble job. If the wife of another teacher was also working, they earned $4000 a month. We were happy for them and complimented them for earning double pay. That was two times better.

If we tell others that we are 50 times better, i.e. if an average person earns $2000 per month, we earn $100,000, most people would not believe it. Some may think we are talking non-sense.

But this is actually true. Translated into chi kung benefits, if an average genuine chi kung practitioner gets 2000 units of benefits a month, we get 100,000! Please take note that genuine chi kung, even at a low level, is rare. Only about 20% of those who say they practice chi kung, get chi kung benefits, like overcoming illness, and enjoying good healthy, vitality and longevity.

The other 80% practice gentle physical exercise using chi kung techniques. They remain sick and weak. If they overcome their illness, or have good health, vitality and longevity, which we sincerely wish they do, it is because of other factors and not because of their chi kung practice, like they see a doctor or have good genes.

Is it legitimate to say that if other genuine chi kung practitioners get 2000 units of chi kung benefits, we get 100,000, or we are 50 times better than them? Let us take the most important factor of chi kung, i.e. chi flow. Those who attend my intensive courses or even regional courses, can generate a chi flow on the very first day. If other people can generate a chi flow after 50 days of training, it is a very good result.

It took me more than a year, at a time when I was long known as a kungfu genius, to generate a chi flow like what our students do on the very first day of my intensive or regional courses, including kungfu courses. It took me many months before I could have a little chi flow. If someone known as a kungfu genius had to take many months to have a little chi flow, other people will take a longer time. It is, therefore, legitimate to say we are more than 50 times more efficient than other genuine chi kung practitioners.

If we have 100,000 units of benefits per month, it can lead to over-training, which means our physical body cannot take the large amount of benefits. So, we have to train below our potential, at about 30%. Training at 30%, we get 30,000 units of benefits whereas others get only 2000, which is still a lot of benefits.

Why are we so ridiculously effective? There are four main reasons.

I teach more than 100 classes a year, whereas most masters have the same class following them every year. This means I have a lot of opportunities to improve my teaching methodology, and I share my improvement readily. For example, recently I started teaching course participants how not to enter too deeply into their chi kung state of mind so as to train below their potential. In the last Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course, I taught course participants to employ the skill of “follow-through” in their sparring, which I did not teach before.

Secondly, we choose the best techniques for our purposes. I have a very wide range of techniques to choose from. For example, to help students overcome their illness, I choose exercises from Eighteen Jewels or Five-Animal Play. To generate a chi flow for good health, vitality and longevity, I choose exercises from Eighteen Lohan Hands, like Lifting the Sky, Pushing Mountains, and Carrying the Moon. To develop internal force I choose exercises from Sinew Metamorphosis, like Golden Dragons Tap on Ground and Lohan Coming out of Water.

The third important reason is that we differentiate between techniques and skills. Not many people make this differentiation. They think, wrongly, that if they practice the techniques for a long time, they will derive the benefits the art will give. To us it is obvious not so. The techniques practiced by kungfu practitioners are correct, but despite having practiced for a long time, they cannot use their kungfu techniques for combat. They just lack the skills. Not only we use the best techniques, we also know what skills to develop.

More importantly, which is the fourth reason, I transmit the skills to course participants from heart to heart. Instead of practicing the correct techniques for many months to develop the necessary skills, I transmit the skills to them so that they can enjoy the benefits of their exercise immediately. For example, by practicing Lifting the Sky, they can generate a chi flow, by practicing Golden Dragons Tap on Ground, they develop a lot of internal force. They enjoy the benefits immediately; they don’t have to wait for a few months.

As we have become ridiculously effective in our raining, it is important for our best benefit that we practice below our potential. An effective way is not to enter too deeply into a chi kung state of mind.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
9th December 2016

Course participants learn combat application in a few days of a regional Taijiquan course


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