Wing Choon Kungfu

Wong Fei Hoong

  1. Various Techniques of Tiger-Crane Set
  2. 12 Bridges of Iron Wire in Tiger-Crane Set and Taming-Tiger Set
  3. Characteristics of Wong Fei Hoong's Kungfu
  4. The Aims and Benefits of the Legacy Course May be Different from Those of Wong Fei Hoong
  5. Wave-Breaking Hands and Other Force Training Methods
  6. Interesting Stories of Wong Fei Hoong
  7. Internal Force and Mental Clarity
  8. Variety of One-Finger Zen Hand Form
  9. How Wong Fei Hoong Trained, Lived his Life and Became so Well Known Throughout the World
  10. Internal Force Versus External Force Training
  11. The Specialties of Wong Fei Hoong
  12. 36-Patter, 72-{attern and 108-Pattern Sets of Tiger-Crane

The questions and answers are reproduced from the thread Legacy of Wong Fei Hoong Q-A Series by Sifu in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.