USA Tour

By the courtesy of Sifu Riccardo Salvatore and Sifu Eugene Siterman

In November 2006 as part of the tour to teach Shaolin Wahnam courses, Sifu Wong, Sifu Eugene Siterman and Sifu Riccardo Salvetore drove through the length and breath of the USA covering about 8000 miles (13,000 km). They drove north from New York to Chicago, then south to Jacksonville, and across the country from east to west to Las Vegas viewing some of the most spectacular scenes of the USA. The series of photographs below give a glimpses of these scenic views.

Please click on the photographs below or their links and then scroll down the webpages to view the photographs

From New York to Amish Country
North to Chicago
South to the Old Smoky
Across the Apalachain

Beautiful Carolina
Colorful Sunset
Enjoying Chi Flow
Jacksonville and St Augustine

Fun Time in Disney World
Alabama and Louisiana
Enchanting Riverside at San Antonio
Junk Shop and Cowboy Town

Texas on the Road
The Oasis of Santa Fe
From Rocky Desert to Snowy Mountain
Mesa Verde of Colorado

Arches in the Snow
The Valley of Monuments
Mule Ride
The Grand Canyon


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