Free Sparring

Annual full contact free sparring competition without wearing any protective gear in Sigung Ho's class following the tradition of the Shaolin Temple in the past to choose the top 10 fighters

Restoring the glory of kungfu has been an important aim of our school. Our Grandmaster has made winning free sparring competitions using genuine kungfu, without being injured, as one of the two themes of 2012.

The Free Sparring Competition Committee is set up for this purpose.

To achieve the vision, we have set the following direction with a dateline for accomplishing each task.

  1. Co-ordinating with instructors to organize the 30-Opponent programme in various areas - By 31st March 2012
  2. Implementing the 30-Opponent programme - April, May, June 2012
  3. Finding out the rules of free sparring competitions that we shall take part - February, March, April, May 2012
  4. Organizing regional courses on internal force, special skills and techniques with a direct purpose of winning free sparring competitions - March, April, May 2012
  5. Preparing names of instructors and students to participate in and win free sparring competitions - April, May 2012
  6. Discussing and explaining the rules of the respective competitions to our competitors - May 2012
  7. Training to win free sparring competitions - June 2012
  8. Winning free sparring competitions - July to December 2012

The Shaolin Wahnam Free Sparring Competition Committee is composed of the following

We look forward to working with the worldwide Wahnam family in achieving this noble aim!

Sifu Markus Kahila
Free Sparring Competition Committee
8th February 2012


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