When the first Intensive Chi Kung Course and the First Intensive Shaolin Kung Course and Intensive Taijiquan Course were held more than 15 years ago, the fees were US $1000 and US $1500 respectively. Later they were changed to 1000 euros and 1500 euros.

Since then inflation has gone up noticeably. In Malaysia, for example, a bowl of noodles at a hawker stall cost RM 1.50, now it costs RM 4.00. Luckily it is still cheap compared to Western standard, it is about 1 euro.

To catch up with inflation, the fees for the intensive and special courses will be raised. But Grandmaster Wong, with the interests of our Family members at heart, has decided to raise the fees only in 2015, giving more than one year advanced notice.

From 2015 onwards, intensive or special chi kung courses will be 1200 euros, and intensive or special kungfu courses will be 1800 euros. In 2014, the fees will be the same, i.e. 1000 euros for intensive or special chi kung courses, and 1500 euros for intensive or special kungfu courses.


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