Five-Animal Play

The class enjoying the Five-Animal Play

The Five-Animal Play course at Barcelona on 8th May 2014 was full of fun.

The five animals of the Five-Animal Play are the bird, the deer, the monkey, the tiger and the bear.

The bird movement which expresses freedom is related to the heart which manifests joy. The deer movement which expresses excitement is related to the liver which manifests anger.

The monkey movement which expresses curiosity is related to the spleen which manifests anxiety. The tiger movement which expresses ferocity is related to the lungs which manifest sorrow. The bear movement which expresses sure-footedness is related to the kidneys which manifests fear.

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  1. The Bird Play
  2. The Deer Play
  3. The Monkey Play
  4. The Tiger Play
  5. the Bear Play


Questions on Hua Tuo's Five-Animal Play

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