Dispersing Clouds

Sifu Anthony Korahais aims to disperse the top left corner of a huge piece of thich clouds

In our school, important lessons and interesting events often happen unexpectedly. Besides the dim mark experience another interesting but unexpected event during the Weapon Course at the 2007 UK Summer Camp was an impromptu demonstration of dispersing clouds by Sifu Anthony Korahais.

Grandmaster Wong and a few Shaolin Wahnam instructors were having a chit-chat after a class on the Shaolin Traveling Dragon Sword when Sifu Anthony decided to disperse some clouds for fun. He attempted to disperse a huge, thick patch of clouds. He managed to disperse a large portion of it, which you can see in the video

Dispersing Clouds

As the clouds are huge and thick, it takes some time to disperse them

It is worthy of note that it was a windy day, yet the patch of clouds was not blown away. This showed that the clouds were huge and thick. But the top portion where Sifu Anthony aimed his sword-finger at, was dispersed.

Dispersing Clouds

It is a windy day, yet the wind has not blown the thich, heavy clouds away but the top portion has been dispersed by Sifu Anthony's chi.

Mp> Dispersing thick, huge clouds is energy draining. Sifu Anthony performed “Lifting the Sky” to replenish the energy used.

Dispersing Clouds

You can compare the clouds here with those in the first picture above about 10 minutes earlier

Grandmaster Wong advised that Sifu Anthony could have chosen a smaller and thinner patch of clouds for the demonstration. Then it would not used up so much of Sifu Anthony's energy. On the other hand, it might not be as convincing. Critics would say that it was the wind that blew the clouds away, and not the chi that dispersed them. Here, despite the strong wind, the main part of the clouds remained; but the top half had been dispersed.

Sceptics would still find excuses to deny the truth of this experience, but that is their problem and not our concern. We are glad that by a happy co-incidence we now have a video recording of this incredible feat, which in the first place was meant for private viewing. But on second thought, our Shaolin Wahnam members and others who believe in the power of chi, may be interested to view it.

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