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Exploding force in Marvelous Fist


Does the training of Marvelous Fist, or any of the other specialized arts available in our school (from One Finger Shooting Zen, to Golden Bridge, Lifting water, Triple Stretch, Iron Wire, Dragon Strength, etc) develop or enhance the power of Cosmos Palm?

If so, more specifically, is there a way to add to the Marvelous Fist training, some methods by which to develop both Marvelous Fist and Cosmos Palm?



Yes, in our school the training of Marvelous Fist or any of the other specialized arts develops and enhances Cosmos Palm. But it may not be so in other schools. In other schools, two different arts may contradict each other.

The training of all these specialized arts involves internal training, i.e. the training of jing, shen and qi, or essence, mind and energy. We understand the philosophy of the training. Hence, we are able to transfer the training gained in any one art to both the development and enhancement of another art.

In other schools, because practitioners do not understand the underlying philosophy, and do not have the skills to make the transfer, the training of any one art may contradict that of another art. Hence, practitioners are advised by their masters to train only one art at one time. This, in fact, is the norm. We in Shaolin Wahnam are the exception.

Let us take an analogy. If a person plays tennis, his skills in playing tennis may unfavorably affect him in playing football, because the skills in playing tennis and playing football are different. But if you understand the philosophy of skills, and are able to make the transfer, your playing tennis will both develop and enhance your playing football, and vice versa. But most other people do not understand the philosophy and do not know the transfer.

Let us take an example of Marvelous Fist and Cosmos Palm. Both are very advanced arts. At a very advanced level, both these arts are regarded as two of the three ultimate arts in kungfu. The other art is One-Finger Zen.

When you train Marvelous Fist, you learn how to relax, focus your mind and generate an energy flow. These three factors are the basics of any internal force training. Not only you and other practitioners in our school know the philosophy, but I make sure that all practitioners are relaxed, focused and have an energy flow. I also transmit the skills to do these basic requirements of force training.

Students in other schools may not have this advantage. They are taught the right techniques, and by practicing the techniques they develop the skills of being relaxed, focusing their mind and generating an energy flow. They may take many months to develop these basic skills, but our students can do so in one day!

So, when you and other students in our school practice Cosmos Palm, you do not have to start afresh. You already have the basic skills. But other practitioners will have to learn afresh. The techniques for Cosmos Palm are different from the techniques for Marvelous Fist. They will have to practice the techniques for many months before they can have the skills.

In Marvelous Fist training, practitioners in our school perform 30 Punches to generate an energy flow. Then they punch with stone-locks to increase the energy flow. In Cosmos Palm training, practitioners perform Pushing Mountain to generate an energy flow. Then they perform Forceful Big Windmill to consolidate their energy, but it is still flowing. For us in Shaolin Wahnam, the energy flow in Marvelous Fist will contribute and enhance the training in Cosmos Palm.

Reversely, the flowing energy and consolidated energy in Cosmos Palm will also contribute to the development and enhancement in Marvelous Fist. The consolidated energy, but still flowing, in Cosmos Palm is like punching with stone locks in Marvelous Fist.

Practitioners in other schools will not have this advantage. They only learn the respective techniques, thinking that the techniques are the ones that bring the effect of Marvelous Fist or Cosmos Palm. As the techniques of the two arts are different, they may contradict one another.

Even when we have the skills as well as the techniques, we must develop the necessary energy gradually. We must guard against over-training. But other practitioners will take years, whereas our practitioners only take months.

For us in Shaolin Wahnam, our concern is not to find a way to add to the development of both Marvelous Fist and Cosmos Palm. Even if there were a way, we should not use it. Our concern is to avoid over-training.

In the first place, it is a very rare opportunity to learn just Marvelous Fist or Cosmos Palm. Even when one has the rare opportunity, he takes years to develop Marvelous Fist or Cosmos Palm. It is simply ridiculous that we in Shaolin Wahnam have the opportunities to learn both Marvelous Fist and Cosmos Palm, though many students and instructors do not make good use of these very rare opportunities.

Other practitioners take years to develop Marvelous Fist or Cosmos Palm, and they will be very happy when they are finally successful. I myself also took years. Our students and instructors only take months. They still have to practice everyday for these few months.

The techniques passed down by past masters for Marvelous Fist and Cosmos Palm are the best. Tney are established techniques, which means that if practitioners practice these techniques correctly, and consistently, they will have Marvelous Fist or Cosmos Palm.

However, if I have to name just one technique or skill that will eventually develop Marvelous Fist or Cosmos Palm, or any specialized art, it is chi flow. Chi flow not only contributes to the development of Marvelous Fist or Cosmos Palm, it also makes it safe for us to practice these arts. More importantly, it gives us good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys.

Cosmos Palm

Exploding force in Cosmos Palm

This question and answer are reproduced from the thread 10 Questions on Cosmos Palm in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.