18-Lohan Art

Shoot Arrow at Mystic Gate


Would the way a Choy-Li-Fatt exponent use Eighteen Lohan Art be different from how a Mantis practitioner or Eight Immortals practitioner train Eighteen Lohan Art? If so, how?

-- Chia Hua


Again, the answer can be yes or no.

Theoretically, the answer is "No, the way a Choy-Li-Fatt exponent uses the Eighteen-Lohan Art is not different from how a Praying Mantis or a Eight Immortals practitioner trains it, because it is the same art."

In practice, the answer can be "Yes, they are different because the different practitioners practice different kungfu styles which can effect how the Eighteen-Lohan Art is practiced and the results they get."

Choy-Li-Fatt is harder than both Praying Mantis and Eight Immortals. This will affect the choice of patterns for practice. Choy-Li-Fatt practitioners may choose harder patterns like "Big Bird Spreads Wings" and "Shoot Arrows at Mystical Gate", whereas Praying Mantis and Eight Immortals practitioners may prefer softer patterns like "Lohan Worships Buddha" and "Rhinoceros Looks at Moon".

Even if they choose the same patterns, Choy-Li-Fatt practitioners may perform the patterns in a harder manner than Praying Mantis and Eight Immortals practitioners do. The result will then be different.

Because of its long history, there are also different versions of the Eighteen-Lohan Art. An important cause for these different versions was practitioners of different kungfu styles emphasizing and modifying different patterns of the Art.

-- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

18-Lohan Art

Rhinoceros Looks at Moon

Winter Camp

The above is reproduced from the thread 20 Questions for Grandmaster: Choy-Li-Fatt and Kungfu against Other Styles in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.


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